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The Most Expensive Wrist Watch on Amazon is Funny

Oh Man…

This watch

Not only does it have one crazy ass price, but it’s actually the most expensive watch on Amazon.


I don’t know if they input the price wrong (I’m guessing), or if they really think someone will spend that much… No matter, it’s all wrong, not worth any of that insane price tag.

I mean, the Watch is Gold-Tone!

Not even SOLID gold… It’s plated (which I believe would wear off pretty darn quick).

The Description is Better.

Having a LARGE green dial (and I LOVE a green dial), a Japanese quartz movement, multi-function dials, a scratch resistant glass

All at one “AFFORDABLE” Price…


Affordable? WHAT?

W H A T ? ? ? ?

This Watch Sells for $40,537.84

(But you do get FREE shipping!)

For a gold plated, battery operated watch?

Are they nuts?

Evidently so…

Most Expensive Hilarious Watch on Amazon

I truly have a feeling it should be selling for $100 or less, like these green dial watches below…

And the Reviews are Awesome:

Wait until you read some of these REAL reviews on Amazon (okay, people made these up for a joke, but they really are posted)…

Nice watch, but stopped a month after purchase replaced battery but no luck, I’ll use as a nice paperweight.

Bought this to have an obnoxiously large watch on my wrist. This product fulfills this desire completely. It looks just like the picture – finish and shine – but you don’t appreciate the size until you open the package…and gulp.

The downside are the upper & lower exposed buttons. They are unprotected, and contrary to indications do NOT unscrew from the watch body for setting. They’re just buttons – which means wrist flexion pushes them and messes with the settings. But it keeps good time.

If you want a big – I mean BIG – watch then this fits the bill. Did I mention it’s BIG?

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. I hate it because I think it looks cheap, he seems to love it and that’s why I gave it four stars. I think it sort of looks like something a second rate mobster would wear…

It is a big watch and I like it! I had to take it to remove a couple of links and it fits my wrist fine. I wish it was automatic but I will take it. I really like the green face.

When I opened the box the watch was out of its box and the bad was all scraped up and way to big also it scrapes extremely easy.

When they say large they’re not kidding.. This watch is really large and can come off as a bit gaudy in some cases. Still it’s a pretty design and layout.. Just wish it was a bit smaller.

I have a collection of over 2 dozen fine watches, including: Seiko, Pulsar, Omega, Nixon and Zodiac. This is my first Kronigswerk and it is great. I have gotten more comments on it than any of my others. And, it is the least expensive watch I have. It is a large, heavy watch, which fits me fine, but, I wouldn’t suggest it for a small framed person.

This watch is really nice. Great weight. I didn’t realize when I bought this that it keeps the day of the week and day of the month also.

I actually thought I was going to get junk for $40.. I was so wrong. its a great timepiece. still not as good as invicta but still good. ive had it for about 4 days now and I get compliments all the time. the gold looks great except for the inside of the band. after only about 4 days of wear ive noticed the inside of the band is loosing its coloring. Then again no body can see the inside. So far it’s great.

This watch was defective so I had to return it.

Nice for gift item… too gold!

I love this watch, I love the green face and the way it looks, the only thing i have had any issues with was the bottom push button that controls the date. it came off. but I still wear it because I like the looks.


You better believe it…

But funny; YES! Heck, you could buy a beautiful rolex watch for that price. And if you wanted a LARGE DIAL (and I mean large), get yourself an Invicta watch instead, like these fine watches here:

This 40G watch is more expensive then my car. HA! And I even know someone who bought a house for that price.

Would you Spend that much for a Cheap Watch?

(Would you buy TWO?) HA HA HA!

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

Cheers! :)

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