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When you look at GIA’s diamond grading scale, there are 6 basic grades you can get that equals perfection.

They are:

  • D – Pure White Color
  • FL – Flawless Clarity
  • Excellent – Best Cut
  • Excellent – Best Polish
  • Excellent – Best Symmetry
  • None – No Fluorescence

Note that “carat weight” is not listed, because there is no perfect weight (even though 1.00 carat is the “dream carat weight“).

The 6 main criteria listed above are all the best possible grades you can achieve with GIA (the best diamond report in the industry).

And what diamond has all these traits?

This .88 round brilliant cut diamond here:

The Most Perfect Diamond Under 9 Grand

With D color, flawless clarity (nothing visible in the stone even under 10x magnification), and triple excellent cut (cut, polish, symmetry), with no fluorescence, this diamond is the cream of the crop.

Plus, the price is KILLER!

It sells for under 9 grand.

$8,800 to be exact (at the time of this post).

That’s cheap for such a stunning stone that’s GIA certified.

What keeps the price down?

The carat weight. It’s shy. 88 points is 12 points under a full carat. Buying shy makes a perfect stone more affordable. And still being big, it appears like a full carat anyway.

It allows you to spend your money on quality, versus quantity.

But you know what?

It won’t last long (I’m actually surprised it didn’t sell overnight). Great diamonds like this tend to vanish pretty quickly.

So if you want a tremendous diamond, that’s perfect in every way, grab this stone today.

And if that diamond has sold (which it will soon)…

Then check out similar perfect diamonds here at James Allen.

Cheers! :)

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