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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
The Most Popular Diamond Color and Clarity

Most popular?

Why am I talking about the most popular diamond color and diamond clarity?

Because everyone is always interested in what other people are buying.

They’re interested because it shows them what most people in their shoes purchase.

Who buys what diamond quality and why?

Most people like to go with the flow. They don’t want to buy the highest quality diamond, or the worst.

So what is the most popular?

The answer:

SI1 clarity, G-H color.

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.70, SI1, G-H $2,100 VIEW
.80, SI1, G-H $2,700 VIEW
.90, SI1, G-H $4,000 VIEW
1.00, SI1, G-H $5,400 VIEW
1.25, SI1, G-H $7,700 VIEW

Hands Down…

SI1, G-H, is the most popular quality to get in any diamond.

Whether it be a round brilliant cut diamond, cushion cut diamond or princess cut (top 3 diamond shapes) SI1, G-H is average, good quality, and a great choice to get for any diamond purchase.

Especially in a diamond engagement ring.

Now let’s look at color and clarity closer…

SI clarity:

SI1 means that the diamond has some small inclusions inside the stone (flecks, flaws, spots, carbon, etc…), that are not visible to the bare eye.

In fact, SI1 is the first clarity rating that has inclusions that aren’t visible by looking at it from all sides or angles. To see the inclusions or imperfections in an SI1 clarity diamond, you must use a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe. The inclusions are that small! (which is great.)

Every single clarity rating below an SI1 (SI2, I1, I2 and I3) have flaws in them that you can visibly see from either the top or side view (black spots, lines, cracks, feathers, clouds).

That’s what makes SI1 so popular.

The inclusions are hidden.

You get a great looking diamond for a great price. You could go much higher up the clarity chart (FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2), but to the unaided eye, you won’t see much of a difference between these stones (underneath a microscope you’ll see some difference, but how many times are you going to carry around a microscope?)

G – H color:

Now the color of the diamond is just as important.

The G-H color range means that the diamond is considered a “fine white” diamond. G-H are actually 2 different color grades; G and H. Either one is perfectly fine to purchase.

G-H is at the high end of the near colorless range (G-H-I-J).

With a G or H colored diamond, it will look pretty white (it’s considered off=white). Most people can’t tell the difference between a G-H and a higher color, like diamonds with D-E-F color (D-E-F is the highest color range possible. They’re “colorless“). D-E-F are beautiful colors to buy, but they are also more expensive. And since most people can’t tell the difference between a “fine white” diamond and a “pure white” (D-E-F) diamond, then why spend the money?

Now you could go lower in color as well, like in the I-J-K-L and M range. But then you get into diamonds that start to have an old, dingy, yellow hue to them, and it’s not as pretty (even though some love the warmth they add).

So stick with a white diamond and it will look bigger, brighter, and sparkle more.

Clarity, color and cost…

Clarity, color and cost is what makes SI1, G-H the most popular diamonds on the market.

It’s an awesome looking quality that you don’t spend an arm and a leg for.

And if you do have a little extra money to blow, then buy a bigger carat weight.

And as always, make sure you buy GIA certified, too.

And if you get one that’s also a laser inscribed diamond, all the better.

That’s a certified diamond that will guarantee that your SI1, G-H diamond is in fact, truly an SI1, G-H diamond.

Cheers! :)

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