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the perfect six thousand dollar diamond engagement ring

Got Six G’s?

Good… Because this is the Ring to Buy!

I picked the Most Ideal Stone, for the Most Iconic Setting, resulting in a Spectacular Diamond Ring that will Knock her Socks off!


It has everything going for it, 14k White Gold, Huge Princess Cut Diamond, Excellent Quality, Certified, and surrounded by a Halo of Blinging Diamonds

It’s Breathtaking!

Take a Peek…

the perfect six grand diamond engagement ring

See, that’s Impressive!

Let’s get into the details…

The Diamond is HUGE. 1.12 Carat (and being Square, it’ll look even more MASSIVE). It’s GIA Certified (the BEST there is). VS2 Clarity (Very Small Inclusions only Visible under 10x Magnification). E Color (Excellent, Pure White, Ultra-Bright Color). Excellent Polish and Excellent Symmetry (Great Light Distribution and Patterns), with an IDEAL Cut!

This Diamond will SPARKLE LIKE CRAZY!

It will Dance like there’s a Thousand Spotlights on it

Plus, the PRICE is a Steal…

Totaling $5,940 for BOTH!

Go to the mall and see what 6 Grand gets you… (A Low Quality, Poor Diamond, with Small Carat Weights Broken up…)

Nothing like this Incredible Diamond Ring shown!

See These Diamonds HERE:

For the Price, and the Quality, this Diamond will SELL FAST!

For Great Quality doesn’t stick around long… So Grab the Diamond, and Grab this Halo Mounting… and you’ll have yourself one Hell of a Proposal Ring!

It’s certainly the “DREAM RING!”

It’s totally IDEAL for your Princess, now isn’t it? :)

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And Check out ALL the Halo Mountings HERE!

Cheers! :)

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