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Kaleidoscope Pendant

This is COOL!

What a great way to see the world

Through the eyes of a kaleidoscope.

And what’s even better?

A kaleidoscope that goes where you go. A pendant that elegantly hangs from your neck and always paints the surroundings with color and symmetry.

You remember having a kaleidoscope as a kid?

Well this is the adult version!

Handmade using beveled glass, the facets, the angles achieve incredible rainbow colors.


Suspended from a gold-filled frame and dangling from a link chain with a lobster clasp, it really is quite wonderful and FUN.

Take a peek…

Handmade Psychedelic Kaleidoscope Necklace Pendant

A Prism that comes to life!

It’s like an alternate universe, an endless beauty that’s well-made, sturdy, and comes in a nice gift box as well.

A truly splendid gift that’s so cool, unique, and a work of art.

Grab this Handmade Kaleidoscope Pendant HERE!

You’ll be amazed and smiling all day.

Cheers! :)

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