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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Worst Rated Quality of Diamond

“The WORST Diamond?”

What is the Worst Quality of Diamond on the Market?

It all Depends on your Definition of “Worst“.

For some, it’s the Worst Color. For others, it’s the Worst Cut, or Clarity.

There are so Many Different Variables that there is No One Exact “Worst Diamond” out there. Every time you think you’ve seen it, you find one that looks even more Worse.

Since every Diamond is Unique in Nature, the Worst Rated Diamond is Never Ending. It’s just like People. Just when you think you’ve seen the Scariest Person, Bingo, here comes another. :)

You Get My Point!

The Worst Clarity

The Worst Grade or Rating of any Diamond in the Jewelry Stores Today would be the I3 Clarity Grade.

As seen here…

Worst Rated Diamond Clarity!

With I3, the Inclusions, Flaws and Imperfections will Stand out and Steal the Show. You won’t be able to Miss them!

The Worst Color

For some people, some visible Inclusions and Flaws are Fine. It doesn’t bother them. Some feel that a Low Color is what makes a Diamond Less Desirable.

Take a look at this P Colored Diamond below. Yellow just makes a Diamond look Dingy and Aged…

Worst Rated Diamond Color!

Some people would Never be Caught Wearing such a Yellow Diamond. The Lowest Color Grade you can get is actually Z Color. That’s Really, Really Yellow!

The Worst Cut

The Worst Diamond Cut, as Determined by GIA’s Cut Standards, is a Poor Cut. As seen below…

Worst Rated Diamond Cut!

Cuts like that Lack Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle.

They just Look Dark, Dull and Lifeless!

Not a Pretty Sight for any Stone.

The Worst Fluorescence

Fluorescence can also make a Diamond appear Ugly (but not all).

It can make a Diamond Appear Cloudy, Foggy and Hazy. As seen here…

Worst Rated Diamond Fluorescence!

Still, other things can Affect Beauty as well. Things like a Thick Girdle

Worst Rated Diamond Girdle!

Or a Large Culet

Worst Rated Diamond Culet!

These things can really Stand out and become a Constant Eye-Sore.

Some even think that a Really Tiny Carat Weight is the Worst… The Horrors!

It’s Not that Bad!

I will say, that Most of the Diamonds you find on the Market, especially Certified ones, Won’t be that Bad.

In Fact, most Diamonds with Diamond Reports will at least be “Good Quality” or Better!

When you get a Diamond that’s Really Bad, or Low Grade, Jewelers usually won’t Spend the Extra Money on them to get them Certified.

After all, they are the Bottom of the Bucket already, No Need to Prove that. Just a Quick Visual Glance at the Diamond will tell you all you need to know.

The Worst Diamond!

For me, I’d say that the Worst Diamond is a Combination of ALL of these Low Quality Traits.

Something that Would Possibly Look like this Beauty of a Diamond shown here…

The Worst Rated Diamond!

Did it make you Cringe any?

That Diamond is an I3 Clarity, Z Color, Poor Cut, Extremely Thick Girdle, Extremely Large Culet and Strong Fluorescence. Just Lovely!

Now that’s a GEM!

But then again, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, and hey, with a Diamond like this, at least it would be Dirt Cheap!!! :)

So there is a Bright Side to this Looker… Just don’t Expect it to come from Inside the Stone. :)

Don’t you want to Buy one?

Or Two?

Or Three?

To Compare… Check out these Exceptional High Quality Diamonds HERE!

Now those Stones Sparkle!

Cheers! :)

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