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there is no comparison between kays and james allen

Let’s Compare…

Face it, Kay Jewelers is a Powerhouse when it comes to Jewelry. They own half the Jewelry Stores

But as much as people buy Engagement Rings from them…

I always wonder WHY????

Convenience? Branding? Finance Plans? Guarantees???

Because if you actually COMPARE what they give you, versus what you can get elsewhere…

There Is NO Comparison!

So to prove this, I looked at an Average Selling Stone (Average Price for an Engagement Ring is 3 Grand), and found this:

.75 Carat, I Color, I2 Clarity, Round Diamond Solitaire – $2699.99

And Compared it to a James Allen Diamond:

.76 Carat, H Color, SI1 Clarity, Round Diamond Solitaire – $2750.00

Now, both Diamonds are just about equal in Carat Weight, and the Mountings you get are both 14kt White Gold… And even the Prices are close, within $50

So is one really BETTER than the other?

Hell Yes!

WAY Better!

Because when you start looking at the Specific Quality of each Diamond, it’s AMAZING the Differences!

So let’s do that…

Let’s Compare Stones!

compare kays diamond to james allen diamond solitaire

That picture says everything…

The James Allen Diamond is .76 Carats. The one from Kays can be anywhere from .69-.82 Carat (I would guess it would lean on the low side).

The Color of the James Allen Diamond is H (a Fine White Diamond). The Color of Kays is I (The low end of the Near Colorless Range).

The Clarity of James Allen’s Diamond is SI1 (Which has Small Imperfections in the Stone, but only visible under 10x Magnification). The Clarity of the Kays Diamond is I2 (One of the Lowest Clarities on the Market, which WILL have Visible Inclusions like Black Spots, Clouds, Lines, Foggy Areas…)

The Cut of the James Allen Diamond is EXCELLENT (The BEST there is). The Cut of the Kays Diamond is not even listed. They only state it’s “ROUND“, which isn’t a Cut at all, that’s the Shape!

The James Allen Diamond ALSO lists other important things, like Polish and Symmetry (Both Excellent in Grade). The Kays lists nothing.

The James Allen Diamond has No Fluorescence (which is good). Kays doesn’t state whether it does or doesn’t have Fluorescence. And if it does, it could really make the Diamond look Foggy or Weird.

The James Allen Diamond is Certified by GIA (The Best Diamond Institute in the World). Kays has no Certification (Which means, the Quality listed could really be anything).


The James Allen Diamond is the REAL Diamond you’ll get. That’s the Genuine Stone photographed at 10x Magnification so you can see, and spin, the entire Diamond around to view everything that’s inside the stone.

The Kay’s Diamond has no real Photo!

The one pictured on the page is a Stock Photograph, so it’s not the real ring you’d get.

See how they Compare Below…

no comparison in diamond quality

So there you go…

This is why I always say:


Compare what you see in the Mall, to the Diamonds online (I highly Advise either James Allen or Blue Nile), because you can get a much BETTER Stone, for the same price!


Purchase this Wonderful 3/4 Carat James Allen Diamond HERE!

(The Solitaire Mounting is $180 and that’s HERE!)

Or View other 3/4 Carat Diamonds at this Price Range HERE!

Cheers! :)

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