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I’m in the shop of the jewelry store talking to the jeweler one day.

The owner comes back carrying some small white objects in his hand.

I take a closer Look and see that he’s holding a handful of teeth.

“What the Heck…?”

(That’s my initial response).

GROSS!” is my second.

He goes over to the jeweler’s vice, puts a tooth in and starts crushing it. “What are you doing?” I say in morbid curiosity.

He pulls the crushed debris out of the vice and holds up a small piece of gold. “Their grandpa died,” he said motioning to the customer’s at the front of the store. “The old man had a lot of gold fillings.”

“So they bring them in for you to crush?” I said. “Yes!” He smiles, “They needed the money“…

“They’re selling the gold.”

Well I’ll be…

So if you’re looking for some extra money, then by all means, start looking for gold…

Any gold. A lot of people have gold just waiting to be turned into cash and they don’t even know it. Gold coins, gold rings, gold watches, heirlooms, gold grillz, you name it!

You can even get gold from jewelry repairs.

For example, if you have a gold ring sized down, ask the jeweler to keep the little piece of scrap gold. If you get a bracelet or necklace shortened, keep the extra pieces. If you have broken chains or clasps, don’t throw them away, save them!

A little gold here and there adds up.

You’d be surprised at how those little pieces of scrap gold can accumulate into hundreds of greenbacks. A lot of people dig through their jewelry boxes looking for odds and ends to scrap. If you’re not wearing your rings, chains, earrings or pendants, sell them. Make some money. Pay some bills.

I sold some gold jewelry a couple of years ago. Some heavy gold chains, a couple broken gold bracelets, a bent gold ring and a gold tie chain… I ended up getting $1,200 for the 14kt gold.

Now that’s a lot of chump change.

Take a look at what gold scraps you have right now. You’d be surprised at how fast it adds up.

And if all else fails you can always go to the dentist and have your gold fillings removed.

Or you can just wait it out, like the customer’s grandpa did… Not that it helped him, he’s gone…

But you can never say that he didn’t keep his money where his mouth was.

Cheers! :)

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