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This Diamond Gets A Big Fat F Color Grade

F Grade?

Remember in school, when getting an F grade was failing?

The worst possible grade you could get?

Well, with diamonds, it’s totally the opposite. For F color is one of the BEST color grades on the market.

And that’s because the diamond grading chart begins with D (Not A, like everyone would think).

D, E and F Colors…

D, E, and F are the best of the best. The top of the line. They are pure white diamonds with no color in them whatsoever (no yellows, browns, or grays).

White-white diamonds that literally look like there’s a spot light on them. They’re that white and bright!

So buying an F color is highly recommended. Just like this beautiful diamond shown here:

Beautiful Round Brilliant Cut Diamond With F Color

Not only is this diamond F color, but the clarity is high up the charts (VS2), and the cut is exceptional; excellent (the best)… With an excellent grade in both polish and symmetry as well.

In Other Words:

This diamond is top notch. Which all helps a diamond that’s pure white, look even better.

This particular diamond (which has no Fluorescence and is certified by GIA) is one of the best diamonds to ever buy. Plus, it’s a full carat (the dream carat weight).

So if you’re looking for the ultimate engagement ring to propose with, get a diamond like this and have it set into a solitaire mounting (plain, pave, or halo looks wonderful). It’ll make every other diamond look mediocre and dull by comparison.

Just like these F Grade Diamonds below:

F Color Diamonds
See more F Grade Diamonds here at James Allen.

Cheers! :)

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