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Tiffany Diamond Ring Half Off

Getting Engaged?

Looking for a HUGE diamond engagement ring?

An authentic Tiffany ring???

Well a huge diamond, and Tiffany, equals money. But, when we’re talking about Tiffany, nothing else compares.


So when I saw this huge stone selling on Etsy, for this priceI had to write a post about it.

This stone is a whopper

A Massive 4.39 Carats!

It’s an enormous rock with top-notch quality (something ultra-rare in large stones).

Let’s look at the specifications:

VS1 Clarity

VS1 clarity means that this diamond will have some very small inclusions in the stone that are microscopic only (and even then, you have to look really, really hard).

VS1 is excellent clarity; crisp, clean, with nothing visible to the bare eye (You’d have to use a Microscope or a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe to see them).

VS is the clarity to own, for sure (and also my favorite clarity).

The Color is H

H color is at the high end of the Near Colorless range. It’s a fine-white diamond that faces up white and won’t have any visible yellow or gray hues. It’s white, bright, and simply beautiful.

The Cut is Excellent

The most important aspect of any diamond, is the cut. And trust me, this diamond excels!

The cut is excellent, the polish is excellent, the symmetry is excellent, which is the best grade you can achieve. A triple excellent diamond is a work of art and will exhibit those awesome hearts and arrows patterns (as seen with a special hearts and arrows scope).

It truly is impressive.

The Carat Weight

Anything over 1 carats in size is considered rare in nature. So this stone, weighing 4.39 carats is massive. HUGE-HUGE! It’ll fill your finger, no doubt.

And it’s all set in a classic Tiffany style plain Platinum engagement ring, with 6 prongs (for extra protection).

It’s about as Perfect as you can get.

Plus, it has zero fluorescence (none)… (Which I highly recommend)

Take a Peek…

Authentic Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring Half Off


What I really LOVE LOVE LOVE about this diamond ring; the certification.

Not only is it certified by Tiffany (the diamond report is stamped inside the ring shank – Tiffany & Co., P950 (meaning Platinum), 4.39 CT, and 19975983 – the diamond report number), but it’s also certified by GIA (the Gemological Institute of America)… Almost no Tiffany diamonds are GIA certified as well (I imagine they had this diamond double-certified because of the size and the price).

The GIA diamond report verifies everything Tiffany stated, to the T…

Take a look a the two Certificates below…

Authentic Tiffany Diamond Certificate

GIA Diamond Report Certificate

This ring also comes with all the original boxes, folders, ribbons, gift tags, pouches, cards… EVERYTHING! (except the original price)

Because now, it’s HALF-OFF!

And it’s half off for one very good reason

It’s Pre-Owned!

That’s the only way you can ever get a Tiffany diamond ring half off… Seriously!

Tiffany doesn’t discount!

It’s pre-owned, which makes it half-off (or close to it…)

But let me tell you, that’s the great thing about diamonds… They don’t age! They don’t erode. They don’t ever wear down. They show no signs of wear and tear. Meaning, the diamond looks BRAND NEW! That’s why diamonds are so expensive, and that’s why they say “Diamonds are forever!

In fact… Almost all diamonds that you see in stores today have been previously-owned already. It’s true. Customers are always selling them, trading them in, upgrading them, exchanging them; these diamonds get reset and sent back out on the sales floor. So buying a diamond anywhere, anyplace, at anytime, will almost guarantee that it’s been pre-owned. That’s just the way it is.

And in this instance, it’s HUGE SAVINGS!

The list price for a Tiffany diamond ring like this, being 4.39 carats and all, is $247,500 (Yes, that’s a lot of numbers).

It’s selling for $137,500

So you Save $110,000.

But Act Fast, Huge Diamonds Sell FAST!

That’s the funny thing about massive stones of this quality, they’re so rare, and so scarce, that demand is huge. It will sell ultra-fast!

And I would assume that even finding another Tiffany 4.39 carat diamond on the market would be close to impossible. They just don’t exist.

It’s way BELOW Wholesale!

A genuine diamond, not lab-created, not laser drilled or filled, or enhanced in any way…

It’s the Real Deal!

Diamonds like this really are quite rare, especially when she wants a Tiffany!

And right now, only one store has it; Diamond Ten. An antique dealer based out of Dearborn, MI.

So if you’re looking for a huge diamond, then consider this mammouth engagement ring.

It will knock your socks off!

Cheers! :)

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