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True Hearts Excellent Cut Ideal Diamond Promotion Sale

Buy & Save!

It’s a great combo

Just like diamonds and engagement rings.

And if you don’t know by now, hear me out:

The most important 4C is CUT

Cut affects the beauty and the sparkle of any diamond more than all the other traits and characteristics (all the other 4C’s).

It’s all about Cut

So what is the BEST cut to buy?

The True Hearts Ideal Cut

(And luckily, there’s a promotion going on.)

True Hearts Ideal diamonds feature those lovely “hearts and arrows” patterns that you always hear about. With excellent cut, polish and symmetry, this “triple excellent” ideal cut shows arrows from the top-down view, and hearts looking through the bottom as seen through a special hearts and arrows loupe (I highly recommend buying a loupe if you purchase any hearts and arrows diamond, just so your fiancee can see these truly magnificent diamond patterns too).

Cut to perfection, these diamonds are the cream of the crop. The elite. It doesn’t matter what carat weight you buy, or what color or clarity; if you purchase a True Hearts diamond it will sparkle like crazy!

So much so, that if you put a lower color and clarity True Hearts diamond, up against a higher color and clarity regular cut diamond, it will look 1000x better, and will outshine the higher quality diamond by a mile.

They’re that good!

True Hearts Diamonds Round Brilliant Cushion Cut Princess Cut

True Hearts, exclusive to James Allen (look for the red True Hearts Symbol), has a great promotion going on right now (end date June 13th, 2018)…

Buy a True Hearts diamond (Round Brilliant Cut, Princess Cut, or Cushion Cut Diamond), and receive 25% off the mounting of your choice.

Solitaire Pave Halo Threee-Stone Mountings

Save 25% off all solitaires, pave settings, halo settings, channel set mountings, side-stone settings, three stone, tension set, bezel, vintage and more… (Does not include designer collections though.)

They’re all 25% off with a True Hearts Diamond purchase.

So Shop and Save

View all the True Hearts Diamonds HERE:

And check out the lovely engagement ring settings HERE!

Cheers! :)

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