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Two Elephants Gentle Jewelry Cleaner

So, I’m looking at Tanga a week ago, and I select “Men’s Jewelry” to see what New Items they have on Sale.

And that’s when I see a Jewelry Cleaner listed…

It’s called the Gentle Jewelry Cleaner, by Two Elephants.

But what I found Odd about it, was the fact that it was listed under “MEN“.

And it made me think…

“Well Why Not?”

After all, just about all Jewelry Cleaners on the Market are Geared and Designed for Women. They have Pretty Lights, Big Tanks (Because Women have a TON of Jewelry), Mesh Baskets, Bottles of Pink or Purple Cleaner, and Little Delicate Cleaning Brushes… Not really anything that you’d see in a Bachelor’s Pad. Right?

And I looked at the Design of this Cleaner, and I had to AGREE! It’s Simple, Round, No Frills, No Bright Colors, nothing that screams “Feminine“.

There are no Cords either, you slap some Batteries in and it’s good to go.


One of the most Interesting Features that really caught my eye about this Jewelry Cleaner is this: It uses ONLY WATER! No Cleaning Solution is Necessary!


Now that’s something ANYONE would LOVE!

It Cleans by Ultrasonic Sound Waves, and you can take it anywhere you go (Great for Traveling). And it also has an Auto Shut Off Feature! SWEET!

Two Elephants Gentle Jewelry Cleaner

It sounded PERFECT!

But, does it work?

Good Question!

I thought I’d have to buy one and test it out. And that’s exactly what I did.

I bought one from Tanga (you can also get it from New Egg), and received the Cleaner a couple of Days later.

This is what happened…

Not only does the box say that it “Uses Water” (Cleans with Water. No need for Special Cleaning Agents), but interestingly enough it also states: WARNING: Do Not use HOT Water as it may Damage the Unit


That’s a First!

It also says “Never Immerse the Whole Unit in Water! Do Not use Rechargeable Batteries. And Don’t Mix Battery Types (Brands).

Crazy eh?

I’ve never seen such strict requirements from any other Cleaner on the market.

And for such a Small, Simple Unit as well…Hmmmm!

It says that it can Clean Jewelry, Coins, Watch Bands, Keys and More with WAVE Energy!

But, does it Really Clean?

Let’s find out…

I open the Box. The Unit is a little bit bigger than I thought from the Picture.

Two Elephants Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Review

I flip it over and undo the Battery Case on the Bottom of the Unit.

Two Elephants Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Battery Slot

I put in 4 AA Batteries (not Included)… and BENT one of the Springs in the Process! It was a tight fit, the Batteries stacked on top of each other, and you had to Squish the Battery in sideways and around the Springs to snap them in place. It wasn’t easy. I wasn’t happy… I’ve had it for 2 minutes and already Broke it!

Anyway, I get the Batteries in and flip the Unit back over and add Water.

It says to fill the Water to the Water Level Indicator…But no where does it point out where the Water Level Indicator is. I did see a small dimple inside the Unit Tank near the top and I assumed that was what they were talking about. I add room temperature Water to the mark

And then it says…

Get this…

It says “Then Add a Drop of Washing Up Liquid”


I’m assuming again that that means Liquid Soap as in Dawn Detergent or Mr. Clean. (Even though the Box and the Website clearly state that it needs NONE, Water ONLY!)

Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Instruction Manual


P.S. I probably would have added a little Mr. Clean anyway, since that’s what Jewelers use, and that’s what I always recommend

Not too much, just a tad. Like shown here…

 Two Elephants Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Full of Solution

The Instructions now say to put your Jewelry in the Water. Put the lid on, and slide the Switch to the “ON” Postition.

So I put my Diamond Stud Earring into the Cleaner. Put the lid on (it doesn’t seem to fit very well), and turn it on.

It Vibrates Loudly. QUITE LOUDLY! I could feel the whole Counter Shake! HA! It says to leave the machine on for 15 full minutes, then it will auto stop, rest for 3 minutes, and then start back up again for another 15 minutes.

WOW! That’s a LONG time to Clean Jewelry!

So I start it up and check back in 15 minutes… The Unit shut off like it was supposed to. And then a few minutes later it started up again.

Nice. I’m impressed with that!

I check back in another 15 minutes (you can stop the unit anytime you want by turning it off) and it finally ends. I flipped the Switch “OFF“, removed the lid, and this is what I see…

Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Cleaning Jewelry

I see Dirt around my Earring in the Cleaner. That’s a GOOD sign. That’s what you WANT to see. It means it’s Cleaning!!! And trust me, my Earring DID need Cleaning. I purposefully didn’t Clean for a while (I know Gross) just so I could test this Cleaner…

The side of the Box States “Amazing Results in just Minutes“… I hardly think that 33 Minutes is a “Few” Minutes, but Time is Relative I guess.

It does make me think that they are Advertising this Unit Falsely. Because it does need Cleaner, and it does take 1/2 hour. So why not just be forthright and say so?

But then again, McDonalds uses Fake Images to sell their Food, so what’s the Difference, eh?

I pull my Earring out of the Tank, rinse it off in a Glass of Water (not over the Drain), and then pull out my 10x Jeweler’s Loupe to inspect it.

Was it Clean?


Only Half Clean! I saw Dirt. Lots of it. I was actually Surprised at the amount of Gunk still left on my Earring. But then again, this Unit doesn’t use HOT Water, and I really feel like that’s the SECRET to Clean Jewelry!

So what did I do?

Well, since you can’t use HOT Water…

I pulled out my Good Ole Trusty Sonic Cleaner Bath, and put HOT Water in. I Added a little Mr. Clean, dropped my Earring in, closed the lid and turned it on for 3 Minutes.

Jewelry Bath By Connoisseurs

This Unit I’ve had GREAT Success with in the past. It Cleans FAST (is just as noisy though), but gets the items Ultra-Clean.

I pull my Earring out of the Bath, scrub it gently with a Brush (YES, I do Recommend using a Brush, like a Soft Toothbrush, or those little Brushes that come with an Electric Shaver), and my Earring gets Crystal Clean.

Not a Speck on it!


Perfectly Cleaned Diamond Earring

So do I recommend this Two Elephants Cleaner?


You really need Hot Water to Clean (ever try Cleaning your Clothes or Dishes in Cold Water?), and you SHOULD use some type of Mr. Clean or Dish Soap… and it shouldn’t take 1/2 hour either!

I’d suggest you Buy the Jewelry Bath instead.

It’s the Perfect Size to fit in the Cupboard (hidden away). It uses Hot Water, and it Clean Quickly and Efficiently.

That’s what I use at Home or on Vacation.


So the next time you want to Clean your Goods…


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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

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Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
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