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Ultra Thin Diamond Wedding Bands


A lot of people want and ask for very thin wedding bands.

These are really, really thin, ultra thin bands that will either shadow an engagement ring (almost invisible), or be used as a standalone ring (some wear them as stackables too).

So what is ultra-thin?

A standard wedding band (plain band) is 2mm in width. So truly, anything thinner than that is considered thin. And usually when you get down to 1mm or less, it becomes ultra thin, ultra slim.

Just like these bands:

Ultra Thin Diamond Wedding Rings

One thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to bands this delicate and thin is the fact that they lose a lot of their durability. The thicker the band, the stronger it becomes.

Thinner bands can bend easier, especially after wearing it because the metal is warm from your hands and more malleable. And when you add in small prongs and tiny diamonds, you really risk the chance of having a stone pop out of the mounting.

But if you’re careful with your jewelry (no rock climbing or chopping down trees), you should be fine.

Thin bands look great, so cute and charming… just a tiny sliver of metal across your finger.

Ultra Thin Diamond Ring

Just know that if you try to unscrew a bottle or can, you could misshapen your band. It comes with the territory.

But that’s the sacrifice for being skinny.

The best places to purchase ultra thin diamond bands are:

Cheers! :)

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  1. Coming from the era of wedding bands that are thick (but not grotesquely so), as in under 2mm in thickness, mostly 1.4 to 1.8mm thick or so, and not much more than 5mm in width, from the 1950’s when women’s bands being a single wide band, frequently carved, and wider than their husband’s. Later on, after the 60’s and into the mid 80’s, not a whole lot more than 3mm. Now, these teeny, tiny, delicate bands look like toys to me, and make me a little nervous!

    I don’t own one less than 2.5mm wide, most wider, up to 6mm, and my preferred band thickness seems to be at least 1.7mm up to 2.5mm. Thick! Yes, thick, not wide. They feel substantial and “safe” to me, and give me a feeling of permanence and durability.

    Having bigger hands with longer fingers also helps – I wore a 5.5 when I got married – hard to find back then – and I wear an 8 now, due to years and years of working hard with my hands, some weight gain, and “Arthur” coming to live in my knuckles now that I’m in my early 60’s. The fingers are still just as long, but the length seems somewhat tempered by the increased width of the bases of my last knuckles. Ah well, the badges of life – some gray hair, a few wrinkles, arthritic fingers – I earned every one!

    I can’t imagine a band that thin and delicate lasting “until death us do part” – but then, there are a lot of marriages taken on these days that don’t either. Could that be significant, do ya think?

    Sort of like women’s hemlines going up and down according to the economy – up in The Roaring 20’s, down in the Great Depression, followed by up during WWII, then down again after the War and through The “Nifty 50’s” and it’s economic upturns, and a generation later, after WWII during Vietnam, during the 20th Century? Up, down, up, down, up, etc.

    Now, wedding bands, as they have been following the fads and fashions, even to the beginning of the 20th century, becoming fashionably narrow just before WWI, when platinum became more workable and carved in many beautiful floral designs, (I have access to scanned catalog pages from J.R. Woods & Sons wholesale catalogs, but can’t share them here, unfortunately) thus desirable due to plenty of advertising to the wealthy masses through their various periodicals and local jewelers, but narrower and somewhat thinner to keep them relatively affordable to most; and then Belais Brothers coming out with the new white gold (without rhodium plating!) in the 20’s, to imitate them, as narrow to look like the Platinum carved bands. This after being fashionably wide and heavy in the decades prior, to stand up to all the manual labor that women were required to do for their families, then wider again in the mid-century, thanks to the huge post-war Marriage Boom, cheap gold, and jeweler’s profit margins!

    Anyway, I’m thinking this is a perhaps somewhat short term fad, and the lack of durability of the metals and settings will tell the tale, with constantly bent bands and lost diamonds that may not even be noticed for a while because of their tiny size, probably until the prongs catch on clothing, or pull out some hair! In the meantime, I keep collecting the more durable bands that aren’t selling as well, because of the current fad, and watching the overpriced teeny, tiny ones go like proverbial hotcakes!

    There are a few advantages, including being able to re-round a band by pushing it gently down over the round, tapered top of certain nail polish bottles; and being able to remove a band from a swollen finger with the use of a pair of relatively durable✂️scissors! Bandage scissors have a blunt tip on one blade, making them probably a little safer to slide between the finger and the ring!

    Anyway, enough of the humor…thanks for the update on this current trend!

    • Hi Shari, great read. Are you an author by chance? If not, you should be. I always love to read your stories and wisdom, it’s like poetry to my ears. You’re very good at the language and rhythm and create fascinating pictures for me to envision. Maybe a book is on the horizon? Something that lasts longer than most marriages. You make me smile. Thanks much. :) -Richard

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