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Diamonds Come Loose In The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Bling Bling!

People love to get their rings cleaned.

After all, there’s nothing better than a clean, sparkling diamond.

But, did you know that cleaning your jewelry can actually loosen your diamonds and gemstones?

It’s true.

The sad fact is…

Cleaners loosen stones.

All too often the jewelry salesperson will check your stones for tightness before they put them in the cleaner (or they should).

This is fine because they can usually catch if a stone is loose or if you have a broken prong.

After your jewelry gets clean is where most jewelry stores drop the ball

They give you back your jewelry and say

“Everything looks great!”

Until your stones fall out.

Not good.

Why did this happen?

Weren’t the stones tight?

Yes and NO!

Ultrasonic cleaning machines can loosen your diamonds or gems more. The vibrations from the machine (ultrasonic sound waves) can actually wiggle your diamonds enough to make them loose (usually this means your mounting is worn or the prongs are weak).

Sometimes the stones get so loose that they come right out in the cleaner.

But many times the diamonds don’t fall out or drop loose, until the next day or week.

The sad thing is, the jewelry store can easily say “We checked your stones. They were tight.” This is a true statement…

Most customers actually see them check the stones.

But what the store didn’t do, was to double check them again after the jewelry was cleaned.

Double check them?

YES! Sometimes the only thing holding in your stones is dirt.

Dirt and debris have built up on your diamonds over time and have held them snugly and securely in the mounting like cement.

When the sonic cleaner cleans this dirt away, that’s when the stones become loose.

Diamonds should never be loose.

When a jewelry store cleans your jewelry, diamonds and gemstones, ask them to double check the stones again after the items were cleaned.

You want to double check that the stones are still tight.

It could save you time, money and aggravation.

Double check your stones, or else they may end up in the rug (and in the vacuum).

It doesn’t cost you anything and it only takes a minute more…

You can even do this yourself with a cleaner and a 10x jeweler’s loupe.
Because if you don’t catch them now, you may never see them again.

Double check your stones.

It’s a must.

Cheers! :)

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