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Understanding Diamond Carat Weights and Points

For some reason, people always get confused with Carat Weights.

They have a tough time with fractions and decimals and points.

What the heck are Carats and Weights and Points?

Can’t they make this stuff simpler to understand?

Well the good thing is, you don’t need to learn math to understand a Diamond’s Carat Weights. If you can count money, then you can count Carats!

Let’s begin…

One Carat is written as 1.00. It should be familiar looking since it actually looks like a 1 Dollar Bill minus the $ symbol. And if you think about it as Dollars, then you’re already on the right track. (There are no Cents… But there are Points!)

1.00 = 100 Points

One Carat or 1.00, is made up of 100 Points. Once again, 100 Points = One Carat (1.00) Are you still with me?

Think about Points as Pennies. 100 Pennies equals One Dollar right? So 100 Points equals One Carat!

Makes sense eh?

100 Points = 1 Carat. If you think about relating Carat Weights as money, it’ll be so much easier to comprehend.

More Weights

  • A Half Carat or .50 is like 50 Cents or a Half Dollar (1/2)
  • 25 Points = 1/4 Carat (or .25 Cents)
  • 10 Points = .10 Cents or a Tenth of a Carat – 1/10

Wow, is it really that simple? Yep!

  • 75 Points = 3/4 Carat or .75 Cents.

See how easy it is?

When a Jeweler says that a Diamond Solitaire is 58 Points, you’ll know that it’s a little bit bigger than a Half Carat (50/100), but smaller than a 3/4 Carat. (or 75 Points)

A 95 Point Diamond is just 5 Points, or .05 Carats shy of a Full Carat. (Remember 1 Carat is 1.00 Points)

It really doesn’t get any simpler!

As long as you compare Carats and Points to Dollars and Pennies, you’ll quickly grasp all there is to understand about a Diamond’s Weight and Carats.

Now that you grasp Weights and Carats and Diamond Points…

My Point is made!

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    What does cw mean on my diamond 925 bracelet?

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