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Unique Gold Dipped Long Stem Roses

Let’s face it… Gold dipped roses have been around for decades.

And people still love them!

They look cool, are real roses, and will last forever (unlike a cut flower). Not to mention the fact that there’s a beaucoup of variety

(Some people even collect them, get a bouquet of roses in every color.)

A gold dipped rose is a real, genuine rose. I know; We’ve torn one apart just to see the flower and petals inside. It’s real! The manufacturers take a long stem rose, then coat it with real gold (24k), and enamel that to produce some of the most interesting, unique, one-of-a-kind roses yet.
But first, let’s refresh with…

Common Roses shown below…

24k Gold Dipped Roses
(Gold Dipped Roses on Amazon)

But how about something DIFFERENT?

Gold dipped roses like you’ve never imagined (trust me). Crazy roses like: Rainbow Roses, Zebra Print Roses, Liberty Flag Roses, and even Peppermint Roses… (which is awesome)

Take a Peek at these Unique Roses:

Unique Gold Dipped Roses

Get these Unique Roses HERE:

Buy One, Buy TWO…

Buy as many as you like, they make great gifts, come in a nice presentation box, and work as an anniversary, birthday, valentines, sweetest day or Christmas gift.

So get yourself some Unique Roses TODAY!

Cheers! :)

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