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Unsoldering Wedding Rings and Bridal Sets


To find out why one would Unsolder their Wedding Rings, we should take a Second to Learn what Soldered Rings are…

What is Soldering?

Soldering is Basically Fusing Two Bridal Rings together, usually the Engagement Ring and the Wedding Band. Heated Solder from a Jeweler’s Torch Melts and Flows in between your Rings at the Bottom of the Shank (see image). This Welds them together as one.

Soldering them keeps the Bands from Spinning around Separately, it keeps your Rings Flush together and it even makes them More Durable.

Most couples have their Bridal Rings Soldered together after their Wedding Day.

So then why would you want to take them apart?

For Plenty of Reasons…

Let’s take a look…

1) The Rings have Pulled Apart and Gap

This happens a lot with Wedding Sets because one the Rings gets Hit, Bumped, Caught or Yanked Back Accidentally. The Tops of the Rings pull Apart (since the Joint is at the Bottom). The Jeweler will then have to take the Rings apart, Reshape or Straighten the Rings, then Solder them back together again.

2) You want to Upgrade the Rings

Sooner or Later you’ll probably want to Upgrade either the Solitaire, Diamond, Mounting, Band or everything. To do so, the Rings will more than likely have to come apart to have any Work Done on them.

3) The Bands get Thin and Crack

Over the Years Normal Wear and Tear happens. The Shanks get Thin and Worn out. They may even get so thin they’ll Crack or Break in Half.

Eventually the Rings may have to be Taken Apart, Reinforced with a New Bottom Shank (Adding Thicker Metal), then Resoldered together again (this isn’t Cheap).

4) You can’t Wear your Solitaire to Work

Sometimes the type of Job or Career you choose won’t allow you to Wear anything that Sits up High off your Finger.

A lot of Nurses have to have their Rings separated so they can Wear their Flat Wedding Band only. This way they won’t Scratch their Patients! :)

5) You get Tired of Wearing 2 Rings

Some women change their Styles over times. Wearing one Ring that Represents everything has been getting More Popular in the Last Decade. Some women may want to Remove their Wedding Band and just Wear their Solitaire.

What ever the Reason, some women just say “I Want My Rings Separated!

6) You want to Sell your Rings

Chances are good, if you end up Selling your Rings, you’ll probably Sell them Separately. People will want to Buy one Ring, or the other Ring, but often not both (who wants to get Engaged and Buy a Ring with a Wedding Band already Attached?).

Taking the Rings apart is a Wise Decision and may Up your Chances of Selling them Easier and Faster.

7) The Rings need to be Sized

Plenty of Rings have to be Unsoldered because they either need to be Fixed, or the Rings need to be Resized Up or Down to Fit.

The Best Way to do this is to Separate the two Bands, Size them Both to the Correct Size, and then Refit them back together again.

8) You get Divorced or Break Up

Sometimes things happen to Couples and they want the Bands Split Apart as well. A lot of women keep the Engagement Ring and give back the Wedding Band (so they can Remount the Diamond into a New Piece – “I Love my Ring, but I don’t want it to look like I’m Married“). Some Couples Split them up so they can be Sold and the Money Divided.

It’s Easy and it opens up Plenty of Options of what to do with the Rings.

So how are Rings Unsoldered?

The Jeweler will use a Jeweler’s Saw and literally Cuts the Rings apart.

Then each Ring is Filed, Smoothed Down, and then Polished Back Up again to look Brand New.

It’s a Pretty Simple Process that normally doesn’t take long. Unsoldering Rings does not Harm the Rings in any way. It does no Damage but it may take a little bit of Metal away in the Process.

Most people never even Notice and if it’s Done Properly, they’ll leave no Trace or Evidence behind that the Rings were ever Soldered in the first place.

Can they be Soldered Back Together again?

Sure! Not a Problem! Like I said above, it happens all the time.

That’s the Great Thing about Jewelry. Jewelry is Malleable and Jewelers can Redo, Fix, Upgrade, Update Anything, Anytime and make it look Awesome and Beautiful Again.

Prongs, Worn Shanks, Uneven Channels, Dings, Dents… Jewelers can Work Wonders and you’ll never know the Difference.

Except that they’ll be Shiny and New Again, and depending on the Ring it could Cost you a Couple of Bucks.


I do Highly Advise Soldering your Wedding Rings together for it keeps them from Rubbing against each other and Wearing each other down.

Soldering them also keeps them Aligned, Upright, Durable and Unified as one.

Just like a Wedding Set should be. :)


  1. I had my wedding rings unsoldered and now the bands are so thin. I believe the jeweler kept gold off of the bands. He told me I am crazy but they are visibly and to the feel lighter. I noticed he weighed the ring before it was sent out for unsoldering but he said he didn’t write the weight down and I trusted him so I didn’t ask the weight. I am so disappointed in the feel and thickness of the bands now that they are unsoldered. I don’t think you could get it any thinner without breaking the band. what can I do? Thank you.

    • Hi Karen. Sadly, when the bands are unsoldered, just the process of filing them to smooth them out, and then polishing them will wear down the metal. Plus, when they are soldered, it’s almost impossible to see how thick they really are. Apart, it’s much easier to notice and feel. And once they are thin, either through normal wear and tear, or the act of unsoldering them, the only thing you can do is to beef up the shanks by putting new bands on. It’s not cheap, especially with the price of gold today. I’m sure the Jeweler who worked on them wouldn’t purposefully file away so much of the band to thin it out, it was probably thin to begin with. Jewelers usually just smooth out the bands and polish them up. I have a feeling it was just the difference of them being soldered as one, that made them feel and look so different. Get a price quote on beefing them up, it really is the only thing to do at this point. -Richard

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