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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

4GB USB Thumb Drive Pendant Necklace

As many of you know by now, I’m a Computer Geek and Technology Nerd

Along with being a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Diamontologist and Gemologist.

They all go hand in hand don’t they?

Well, Imagine my Surprise when I saw this Nifty Gadget come into the Store.

A Man’s USB Thumb Drive Pendant!

I had to have it…

USB Thumb Drive!

USB Pendant

This is one Cool Looking, and Very Masculine Pendant!

It’s made of Stainless Steel so it’s Very Durable. Plus, it will Never Tarnish or Turn Colors! Awesome!

It Hung on a 24″ Stainless Steel Chain, so you won’t have to Worry about that Tarnishing either!

The Pendant Measures 1″ by 1 1/2″. But the Best Feature of all…

It has a Built in USB (Universal Serial Bus) Thumb Drive!

How Neat is that?

The Geek in me Loves it!

The Thumb Drive is 4GB (Gigabyte), so it will hold a lot of Data (NTFS File System), and the Drive is Completely Hidden in the Pendant.

From the Back View you’ll see a Small Slot to Push the Drive out (USB 2.0) as such…

Hidden USB Thumb Drive!

The Drive Pendant is Very Well Made. Being Stainless Steel, it has a Nice Weight to it.

And being Rugged and Cool, it really makes an Ideal and Practical Gift for any Birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day Gift.

USB Thumb Drive Price

The Price of my Pendant is just $99.

You really can’t Beat that for Functionality, Style and Tech Brownie Points! :)

Many Styles to Choose from

But, this of course, is not the only USB Drive Pendant on the Market. In fact, Amazon sells tons of them!

Take a peek…

Hidden USB Thumb Drive!

Check out these great USB Drive Pendants at Amazon Here!

So if you’re a Geek, Married to one, or just Know one, and you want a Neat Piece of Jewelry that can really be used…

Buy a USB Pendant!

You never know when you want to Copy a File, Save a Picture, or Move a Document!

Pendants like this really come in Handy.

Pick one up Today!

It’s the Coolest Piece of Jewelry you’ll ever Own!

Cheers! :)

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