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Watch Out For Too Many Dark Areas In Diamonds

Darkness kills a diamond.


Light brings life, and darkness destroys it.

Whether a diamond has sparkle or not, it’s all based upon cut, depth, width, proportions.

And these are all graded by GIA and listed on a diamond report under cut grade.

The better the cut grade, the better the odds of having a brilliant diamond with tons of sparkle (the best cut is triple excellent diamonds).

But the funny thing is, even these diamonds will still react with light differently. Because light is changing, and with diamonds it’s a combination of ranges, percentages and proportions. And if they aren’t totally correct, the diamond could be overwhelmed by darkness and black areas (not talking about inclusions, just the blackness created by facets).

Granted, even a great diamond will still have black areas (like hearts and arrows), to contrast with the light, but these are pleasing and patterned and uniformed.

Some diamonds have huge areas of blackness and shadows that make the diamond look dark and dull. It’s all you see.

Just like these diamonds below:

Watch Out For Dark Diamonds

These diamonds above are not bad diamonds either. They have great clarity (SI1 or higher), and good color (H or higher), but the blackness is so apparent.

Diamonds need light.

The more light they get, the more attractive a diamond becomes. And you get this light by the way it bounces around inside the diamond, across the pavilion, back out to your eyes in a dance of white light and color. It’s amazing. It’s cut.

Even buying a diamond that’s VS1, G, with an excellent cut is not enough…

It must pass the visual test!

How a diamond faces up is half the battle. This is why some lower grade diamonds look better than more expensive stones. It’s light balance. It’s interaction. It’s reaction. It’s all unique in every stone and it’s something you must see for yourself to judge.

Look at the white areas and black…

Also meaning, you must see the stone to buy it. If you buy a diamond from a website that doesn’t show you the real stone, then you’d have no idea how the diamond really looks in person. This is why I love James Allen. They show you the real stones, magnified, side by side, so you can pick and choose the better looking diamonds.

Take a look at the diamonds below…

All are the same grades and quality as the ones shown above, but hand-picked for their appearance. And what a difference it makes…

Great Looking Diamonds

It’s like night and day.

The difference is outstanding. Same quality, same pricing, but a huge leap in beauty.

It’s a fact, some diamonds just look dull, dark and lifeless.

Don’t buy them.

Buy diamonds that pass visual scrutiny.

Look at the stones, spin them, select the ones that sparkle.

Stay away from the dark, it hinders the most important feature of a diamond.

Instead, choose a diamond that dazzles, for that’s what you’ll see for the rest of your life.

Check out these True Hearts perfectly cut diamonds HERE!

Cheers! :)

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