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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Wear Fake Costume CZ Jewelry on Vacations

Travel Tip 101:

Ready for this?

Women, Wear Your FAKES!

Now a lot of Women already do this, but I think it’s Wise to Bring the Topic up.

Sometimes being Fake, is the Smart thing to do! :)

When you go on a Vacation, Trip, Cruise or Voyage, Don’t Wear your Expensive Diamond Jewelry… Wear your Fakes!

Wear your Costume Jewelry

You know, the CZ’s. The Look-a-likes. The Knock-Offs!

This is Because of Theft, Accidents and Absent Mindedness (You may be Drinking a lot).

Let’s Face it, when you Travel, Depending on where you go, you will probably Run into Less than Fortunate People. Sometimes this can Lead to Desperate Situations. You always Hear about being Safe and Avoiding Pick Pockets, Robbers and Dark Alleys. There’s a lot of Truth to this. You never know what can happen. It’s Wise to Stay Alert and Not Stand out.

But, did you know that a lot of this is Brought on by you:

The Decked out Traveler?

Your Flashy (Bling Bling) Jewelry just Screams “I’ve Got Money!

It makes you a Walking Target!

This is why you should Leave your Valuables at Home. Why Attract Attention? That way, if you do get Robbed, your $10,000 Diamond Ring is Locked Away, Safe and Secure at Home or in a Safety Deposit Box. Why Chance it?

Buy some Small, Cheap Rings with CZs (Cubic Zirconias, Like these Items HERE!) in them instead. Nothing Big, just something Cute that you wouldn’t Miss much if something were to happen. The last thing you want is to get Held up or Vandalized.

Robberies DO happen!

The More Prepared you are for it, the Better.

If you’re Walking around looking like a Million Dollars, you may put yourself in Uncomfortable Situations. So Play it Safe. Play it Smart. Buy Cheap Jewelry and CZs instead.

Doing this will give you Peace of Mind. You won’t have to Worry about Losing your Engagement Ring while Scuba-Diving.

True Story, I once Left my $3,000 Diamond Ring in my Luggage at a Hotel Room… It was Stolen by the Maids (At Disneyland no Doubt).

A Friend of Mine Washed her Hands at an Airport and Accidentally left her Rings on the Sink. Not Cool! Crap Happens!

You know what they Say…

Finders Keepers

Don’t let this Happen to you.

Preventive Medicine is all it takes to keep your Valuables Safe at Home, so you can Enjoy your Trip and Swimming with the Dolphins!

Bon Voyage! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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