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Bride Groom Wedding Day Jewelry Gift Exchange Guide

“Do We Buy Gifts?”

Couples always Want to Know if they Need to Buy each other Gifts to Exchange on their Wedding Day?

The Answer:


Yes You Do!

Most Certainly!

(Or at least that’s what I’ll tell you since I work in a Jewelry Store and I want to Sell you Jewelry! ;) ha!)

The Truth is, about 45-50% of all soon-to-be couples Exchange Gifts. So it’s not something that’s Entirely Set in Stone…


But more and more Guys and Girls are getting into this Gift Giving Occasion because it’s a Meaningful and Deeply Personal Gift from the Heart on such an Unforgettable Day. Most want to Mark the Occasion with Jewelry.

Who Wouldn’t?

But, the Big Question is:

What Jewelry do you Buy?

The Main Choices are:

  • For Her:
    1. Pearl Strand Necklace
    2. Diamond Earrings
  • For Him:
    1. Dress Watch
    2. Cufflinks

Now let’s take a Closer Look…

Pearl Strands

For the Pearl Strand Necklace I would suggest a Classic Salt Water Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace, probably around 16-18″ (Depending on her Neck Size), 5-6mm each (Nice Comfortable, Practical Size) and a Uniform in mm Width as well (Not Graduated).

Pearl Necklaces are the ultimate Jewelry Gift for a Wedding. And Akoya makes some of the Finest Salt Water Pearls you’ll Find!

Pearls are Pure and Elegant and 50% of all Women Wear Pearls on their Wedding Day.

Do keep in mind this also means she probably has her Wedding Day Jewelry picked out already for this eventful day, so you may have to give her the Pearl Necklace earlier than the actual day. (Just so she’s Prepared!)

P.S. Don’t forget the Matching Pearl Bracelet as well!

Diamond Earrings

And then you have Diamond Earrings… (can’t leave her Ears Bare!)

Diamonds that Dangle Down (Dance in the Light) look Stunning with a Gown and Veil. Very Beautiful, Very Elegant, a Perfect Gift! (See Some Great Diamond Dangle Earrings HERE!)

It’s Not a Must to Buy Dangle Earrings, Pretty much any Style of Diamond Earrings will Work as long as she wears that Style. Studs, Hoops, it’s all about the Diamonds and the Dazzle!

Traditional Dress Watch

For Him, the Traditional Dress Watch is IDEAL. Most Women will also have the Wedding Date Engraved on the back of the Watch so he’ll Remember the Day you Both Tied the Knot (And Remember your Anniversary Date – Hint Hint!)

Leather Strap Bands (Crocodile or Alligator) work Perfect. Brown or Black is Preferred. But some Guys would rather Wear a Stainless Steel Watch or a Gold Watch as well. It all depends on his Style and what he feels Comfortable with. Keep in mind that you do want it to look Good and Dressy with a Suit or a Tuxedo, so Buying a Clunky Red Diving Watch may Not be the Answer!

Cuff Links

Lastly, Cuff Links for Him.

If he has French Cuffs with his Tux Shirt, he’s going to need Cuff Links and Studs. And the Cool Thing is, they make so many really Cool Styles of Cuff Links nowadays. Elegant, Regal, Bold, and yet Masculine, Rugged and Distinct at the same time.

Cuff Links take the Cake!

They look Snazzy and Sharp!

And also don’t Forget the Matching Key Chain and Money Clip as well… Like this Cool Men’s Tie Clip, Money Clip, Key Ring, Cuff Link Set from Amazon! These make a Great Set. You might also be able to get them Engraved depending on the Style you pick. Personalized Gifts (like a Monogram) make them Even More Special!

Monetary Limits

What ever you do, Enjoy Yourselves!

You don’t need to go Overboard with these Gifts, just something Touching and Classy.

I would set a Monetary Limit if you decide to Exchange Gifts. Jewelry really does make a Wedding Day Perfect. Jewelry is Meaningful, Lasting and Highly Romantic. And that’s what the Whole Day is about.

So here’s Wishing you a Lifetime Filled with Joy and Happiness.

Not to Mention Plenty of Anniversaries and Wonderful Anniversary Gifts! :) Cheers…

Here comes the Bride now…

P.S. Shop for Bride and Groom Jewelry Gifts HERE!

Cheers :)

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