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Earring Jackets For Earrings and Pendants

Pendant Jackets and Earring Jackets are such a unique item, so Unique that Few People even know about them.

What are they?

What are they used for?

Let’s find out…

Earring Jackets

Just like the name says a Jacket is a Piece of Jewelry that Wraps around other Jewelry.

Jackets Alter the look of a Solitaire Pendant or Stud Earrings.

Most people use them to Enhance Diamond Studs and Diamond Pendants, but they can be used with any Gemstones or Pearls as well.

Lots of Styles and Designs

Jackets can be made out of Yellow Gold, White Gold, Silver, Steel and even Platinum.

They come in a Variety of Styles and Sizes and Shapes. Some Jackets are Plain, just Solid Metal, others have Channel-Set Diamonds and Gemstones like the ones in the pictures.

But out of all the Earring and Pendant Jackets Available on the Market, they all Serve one Purpose and one Purpose only…

To Create an New and Different Look!

Earring Jackets have a Loop or Hole at the Top so your Earrings can go through. Pendant Jackets have a Bail or Loops that go on either side of your Pendant so your Chain can Slide through and hold them together. See Picture below.

Earring And Pendant Jackets!

Earring and Pendant Jackets are nothing more than Add-On Accessories!

They even look good with Plain Gold Post Earring Studs!

It’s Amazing how such a little Difference can Create such a Bold New Look.

How do they Work?

All you do is Push the Earring through the Hole and you have a Whole New Earring! It changes your Wardrobe in a Few Short Seconds. Two-Tone Jackets work Wonders as well and Look Good with Both White Gold or Yellow Gold Jewelry.

Prices of Jackets can vary from a Couple of Bucks to Hundreds of Dollars. It all Depends on how much Diamond Weight you end up Buying.

But They don’t all work!

Keep in mind , Not Every Jacket will work with Every Earring or Pendant.

It depends on the Size of the Diamond or Gemstone and the Size of the Opening in the Jacket.

Bigger Stones will need Bigger Jackets to not only Fit it, but Balance out the Look as well.

So make sure you take your Diamond Earrings or Pendants with you when you Test the Jackets out.

Jackets can be such a Small Change, but they can Transform your Simple Earrings or Pendants into Pure Elegance.

The great thing is, you’ve already Bought the Most Expensive Item:

The Earrings or Pendant!

So if you’re looking to Spice up your Old Look with a Daring Bold Statement, check out Jackets for Both your Earrings and Pendants.

You’ll be glad you did!

Amazon has some Cool Earring Jackets Here, and some Wonderful Pendant Jackets Here!

Cheers! :)

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