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What Are Swindled Diamonds?


When People Hear the Word “Swindled“, they often think of “Fraud“, “Dishonest“, and “Rip Off!”

But the Term “Swindled Diamonds” actually Means Something Else in the Jewelry Industry.

It actually means “Poor Make“.

The Make of a Diamond is how Good or Bad the Diamond is Proportioned. Is the Diamond Thin and Narrow? Is the Diamond Deep and Lumpy? Or is it an Ideal Cut Diamond with Proper Symmetry, Polish and Aligned Facets?

The Make, or how Well the Diamond is Cut, is usually Based upon 1 Main Criteria:


When the Diamond Cutters look at a Piece of Rough Rock taken from the Mine, they have to Analyse Several Different Things to Determine how to Create the Most Amount of Money from that Yield.

Key Goals are to get the Biggest and Best Quality of Diamond First. Once that’s Obtained, then they will look at what’s left of the Parent Rock and Maximize it for other Diamonds, even if it means they end up with a Bad Make, or Poor Cut.

Like this Diamond below with an Extremely Thick Girdle

Extremely Thick Diamond Girdle!

That Diamond’s Been Maximized!

How Diamonds Are Cut

Below is an image of a Rough Yield with Diamonds Plotted so you can get a Better Sense of how the Rough Rock is Utilized for Profit.

How Diamonds are Cut from the Rough Parent Rock!

You see, the Cutters could just Cut out the Center Diamond (worth $27,120) and Scrap the Rest. Doing so would Result in Perfectly Proportioned Diamonds, all with Excellent Makes!

Every Diamond would SPARKLE like Crazy!

But that would also mean that they would Lose a Lot of Rock, and Throw away a Major Chunk of Money ($6,185).
Not Smart!

So Diamonds that are Thin, Deep, Lopsided, or Out of Proportion are Born!

Diamonds with Bad Makes and Proportions!

What’s the Make of your Diamond?

If you want to know if your Diamond has a Good Make or a Bad Make, Check the Diamond Report (or Certificate as people call them).

It will say right under the Cut Grade, what your Diamond is…

How to Check the Cut of a Diamond!

GIA Grades Diamonds with 5 Different Cut Grades: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

The Top 2 Grades, Excellent and Very Good, are the Cuts to Strive for. That way you know your Diamond has a Great Make, Great Sparkle, and Great Brilliance!

Take a look at a Diamond with an Excellent Make and Cut…

Diamond with an Excellent Cut!

Now, take a Peek at a Diamond that has a Very Good Make and Cut…

Diamond with an Very Good Cut!

Now for the Fun Part…

Lower Cut Grades…

Below are some images of Diamond Cuts that aren’t so Swell. They Range from Good Cuts, to Fair Cuts and Poor Cuts! You can see the Light Display Break up and the Diamonds get Darker as the Cut Gets Poorer

Diamond with an Good Cut!

Diamond with an Fair Cut!

Diamond with an Poor Cut!

That Last Diamond is Just Dark and Ugly!

It doesn’t look so Hot!

Diamonds with a Fair or Poor Cut Lose a Lot of Life, which is the Beauty and Shine of a Diamond.

If it Doesn’t Sparkle, Why Bother?

Stones like this are just meant to Maximize the Rock, Increase Profits, and Sacrifice the Cut!

Sad But True!

So Opt for Excellent or Very Good Cuts and you’ll never have to Worry about your Diamond being Swindled!

YOU are not actually being Swindled… It’s all listed right on the Report after all (you just have to read it).

But your Diamond, well, your Diamond IS Being Swindled out of a Good Cut!

And now that you know what to look for, you, and your Diamond will really “Make” out.

See some Great Diamonds HERE that Aren’t Swindled!

Cheers! :)

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