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What Are The Best Rose Gold Chains To Buy

Rose Gold is HUGE!

It’s everywhere in the jewelry stores. And for good reason…

It’s Beautiful!

Peach pink tones of lush rose gold that is vibrant, eye-catching, colorful, different, and FUN!

It’s changed the entire industry. And I’m sure by now, you already own a piece or two. From pendants to bracelets, rings to earrings, and of course:

Rose Gold Chains

Chains, necklaces, for men or women… Something that’s not only stunning, versatile, but durable and strong at the same time.

So what are the BEST Chains to Buy?

  • A chain that’s solid all the way through (not hollow inside, which will break easily).

  • A chain where the links are independently soldered shut. If they’re not soldered closed, they can pull open and fall off your neck.

  • A chain with a lobster claw clasp (and not a cheap spring ring, as shown below).

  • A chain that won’t kink. Flat chains (like Herringbone) are known to kink. If the chain won’t bend easily, or has a bending point, it’s probably not wise to buy it. Snake chains are pretty, but kink often. You’ll want a chain that you can sleep in and won’t be ruined. The best types of chains are link chains or rope chains, as shown below…

  • A chain that is solid 10k Gold or 14k Gold. Not plated, filled, or overlay (like Pandora sells). If the description lists any other metals like “silver” or “stainless steel“, skip it, it’s probably plated and will fade, tarnish, or turn colors (and probably leave black marks or green marks on your neck and clothes).

  • Let the price be an indicator. Sad to say, but the price is a big eye-opener. For real gold, genuine gold, is NOT CHEAP! So if a chain is listed as “Rose Gold”, but it’s selling for $20It’s NOT GOLD! It’s probably just plated or dipped. Normal prices for Gold would be more in the $100 to $1,000 range, depending on the thickness and heaviness of the chain. Buyer beware; If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

The Best Strongest Rose Gold Chains are:

The Best Rose Gold Chains To Buy

(These chains are not listed in any particular order)

These are the Chains to Buy:

More Tips and Pointers:

The average length for a women’s chain is 16″-20″. And for a man’s, it’s 20″-24″. (And if you want to just slide the chain over your neck without undoing the clasp, make sure you get at least a 24″ chain or longer.)

The thicker the chain is, the more durable it will be. Chains like the ones shown above will last you a lifetime (unlike the popular Bead Chains, which tend to pop open and break if tugged on). You want to be able to hang any kind of a pendant or charm from them, with no problem (as long as the bail will slide over the end of the chain, that is. If not, you can have a jeweler change that small bail for a larger one, that will slide over the end of the chain. Or jewelers can undo the end tab of the chain, put your pendant on, and solder it back closed again… where it will stay permanently, or until the jeweler removes it again).

You can buy a chain that has a spring ring clasp on it, and have a local jeweler swap it out for a more durable lobster clasp! Manufacturers put Spring Ring Clasps on their chains to keep the price low.

Run your fingers over the chain when you get it. Make sure it feels smooth and not rough. A rough chain (like Singapore Chains) will catch on things (like your clothing) and snag. You’ll want a chain that feels smooth, doesn’t tangle, and glides comfortable around your neck.

Like these Rose Gold Chains here:

See MORE Rose Gold Chains HERE at Amazon!

Cheers! :)

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