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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

What's Considered A Big Diamond?

“What’s BIG?”

So what is Considered a BIG Diamond? What’s a Large Carat Weight?

I always tell people that a Big Diamond is anything OVER 1.00 Carat. After all, 1 Carat Diamonds are the “Dream” Diamond! That’s the Weight that Everyone Wants.

But how Rare are these Stones? What Percentage of Diamonds Mined Fall into this “Big” Category?

Let’s Find Out…

I went to Bluenile to Arrive at these Conclusions.

Bluenile has the LARGEST Diamond Inventory there is Online, so it just Makes Sense to use them. At the time of this Post, they have over 99.631 Loose Certified Diamonds in Stock (Just Counting Round Diamonds only).

Bluenile Dot Com!

I say “Round”, as in Brilliant Cut, because Rounds are the Most Popular Cut, and the #1 Seller. They out Beat every other Cut of Diamond including: Princess, Cushion, Pear, Emerald, Marquise, Oval, Heart, Radiant and the Asscher Cut.

So Rounds it is!

99 Thousand Diamonds is Highly Impressive. That’s a Gigantic Inventory that Most Jewelers would Die for. By far, most Jewelry Stores carry only about 100-300 Loose Diamonds MAX.

So being able to choose from 100,000 is INSANE! And FUN!

Bluenile's Round Diamond Search!

You should certainly be able to find the Stone you want. :)

Let the Totals Begin…

Out of 99 Thousand Diamonds (at the time of this Post) let’s see how the Percentage and Carat Weights Break Down.
Bluenile has 28,005 Round Diamonds from the Carat Weights of .23 (their Smallest Stone), to .49 (under a Half Carat).

Think About That…

That’s almost 30% of ALL the Round Diamonds they Sell UNDER a Half a Carat. Kind of Crazy, eh?

When you Move up into the Half Carat Range to 3/4 Carat (.50 – .74 CT) you find another 29,944 Stones.

You begin to see the Large Picture now. Stones under 3/4 now make up a total of 60% of ALL the Diamonds Sold on Bluenile.

Carat Weights from .74 – .99 tack on an Additional 10,549 Diamonds. Do Note that as the Carat Weights get Bigger, the Amount of Diamonds available get Smaller.

So all in all, Diamonds UNDER 1.00 Carat total about 70% of the Diamonds Listed.

Loose Certified Diamonds Under 1.00 Carat Weight!

That’s A Lot!

This is why I say that 1.00 Carat Diamonds are the Dream Diamond Weight. One Carat and under take up the Vast Majority of all Stones Sold Today.

Now let’s get to the BIG Stones!

Let’s look at Carat Weights above 1 Carat. From 1.00 to 1.49 Carat, there are 19,154 Diamonds. That’s about 20% of the Diamond Inventory. So now you see that Diamonds 1.49 and under amount to a Whopping 80% of ALL Diamonds.

That doesn’t leave very much room for Diamonds Bigger than 1.50 Carats.

But let’s look Anyway…

Diamonds from 1.50 Carat to 1.99 Carat make up 5,518 Loose Certified Round Diamonds. That’s 5% of the Entire Inventory!

That only leaves a Small Percentage left for Diamonds 2.00 or Bigger.

See how RARE they are?

Most Jewelry Stores won’t even carry Larger Stones like this. And if they do, they may only have 1 or 2 in Stock!

But then again, they are the Price of a New Car, so you can’t Blame them! :)

The BIGGEST Diamond Available!

Just for kicks, what is the Biggest Carat Weight Diamond that Bluenile has in Stock?

A Massive 20.88 Carat Diamond seen here…

The Largest Diamond Available!

It’s over 20 Carats, VS2 Clarity, J Color, Ideal Cut, GIA Certified and it only Costs $1,070,774.00!

Petty Cash, Right?

The Interesting Thing to Note here is that these Rare Diamonds over 1.00 Carat don’t take into any Consideration Clarity, Color or Cut!

So if you narrow down the Search by Selecting More Characteristics, your Choice of Diamonds Diminishes!


To Test this, I Plug in my Favorite Cut (Signature Ideal Cut), Color (E Color) and Clarity of Diamond (VS1 Clarity), One Carat of course, and this is what I get…

The Best Diamond in Stock!


That’s right, just One Single Diamond that is 1.00 Carat on the Dot, with these Exact Specifications: VS2, E, and the Best Cut Available.

1 Stone out of 100,000!

The Inventory Shrinks!

Anytime you get More Selective (PICKY) and Start Looking for a Certain Color or Quality, the Inventory Shrinks.

This is also why it makes it Harder to Shop and Compare Diamonds. It’s Difficult to Find Matching Stones where everything is similar enough to Compare.

Either the Color is Different, the Clarity is off, the Cut is More or Less… Any Jump in Category or Grade could Impact the Price of the Stone by THOUSANDS!


That’s just how it is with Diamonds. They’re Rare! Something is always Unique about them. NO two are Ever Alike.

It makes it all Quite Fun!

But, with an Inventory of over 99,000 Diamonds (again, just in Rounds), your chances of finding the Exact Stone you want Increase.

So what are you Waiting for?

I know you Want that 20 Carat Diamond!

HA! It’s only a Cool Million!

If only, right? ;)

Make sure to Check out James Allen’s Line of Diamonds as Well!

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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