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What Is Diamond Dispersion?


You often hear the word “dispersion” when talking with jewelers or looking at diamonds.

What does dispersion mean?

Is dispersion good or bad?

Let’s find out…

Diamond dispersion is where white light enters a diamond (or any dense object), separates into all the spectral colors of the rainbow, and bounces back to the viewer’s eyes in a wonderful display of colored light, also known as diamond fire.

Diamond Dispersion!

Flashes of color and flashes of light are the “life” of any stone. It’s what makes diamonds beautiful and valuable.

This unique sparkle and brilliance is what separates diamonds from all the other gemstones in the world.

Sparkle is good.

The more sparkle, the merrier. :)

Diamonds with lots of Sparkle!

What causes sparkle?

Only one of the 4C’s impact sparkle more than anything else…


The better the cut, the better the sparkle, brilliance and fire.

How do you know if a diamond is cut well?

It says so right on the diamond report (also called a certificate).

GIA grades the cut of a diamond with 5 different ratings:

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

The best GIA cut grade is “excellent”. I would always shoot for that…

Diamonds with an Excellent Cut!

The second best is “very good“, and that will still give you good sparkle and brilliance.

Diamonds with an Very Good Cut!

Very good is the minimal cut grade that I would advise or opt for. That is, if you want your diamond to sparkle like crazy.

Dispersion is good, and it can make even a lower grade diamond (like SI2 clarity), look better than a higher grade diamond (like VS) that has a lower cut grade. Like so…

Better Diamond Cut gives Better Sparkle!


Your eyes may have a hard time seeing little microscopic inclusions (clarity), and it may have a difficult time picking up slight traces of color in a diamond (as in J-K), but you can see sparkle.

Tilt any diamond back and forth in the light.

Is it blinging?

You want to see the diamond dance and come to life. You want it to dazzle and knock her socks off.

So the #1 rule when it comes to diamond shopping

Get a great cut “excellent“, and let the fireworks begin!

And if you want the best fireworks of all, look at “True Hearts” ideal cut diamonds. They are fine-tuned and narrow down the excellent cut to exceed the maximum amount of sparkle possible. True Hearts is the best cut in the world. Check them out here.

Cheers! :)

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