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What Years are the Diamond Anniversary Wedding Gifts?

Diamond Anniversary Gifts

If you’re one of those people that still believe in the Old Traditional Anniversary Gifts… then I Feel Sorry for you.


Don’t you know that the that List went out the Window 60 years ago?

Revamping the List

Someone Seriously needs to Revamp this List and come out with a Modern Up-To-Date List, because no one follows it, do they?

In case you missed it, here’s the Official Anniversary Gift List! (Enjoy the Blah, Blah, Blah!)

But, I can make things so much Simpler and Easier for you…

You see, Times Have Changed! Welcome to the New Generation, the New Age of Jewelry, Diamonds and Anniversary Gifts!

Psst… Woman don’t want Books for Anniversary Gifts Anymore! (47th Anniversary!)

Really. After 47 Years, you’re going to go Buy her a Book because the ‘List’ says so??? Are you Crazy? “Here’s your Twilight Book! Happy Anniversary!” Just thinking about it makes me Laugh. After 47 years, you’re going to get a Black Eye! LOL!

What Do Women Want Then?

There’s only one thing Women want for their Anniversary. And it doesn’t matter what Anniversary Year you’re on, whether it be the 2nd Anniversary, 5th, 10th, 25th or even the 50th Anniversary… It’s all the Same!

One Gift!

One Single Present will Satisfy all those Years, Occasions and Cravings… And that Anniversary Gift is:


Of Course!

No other Gift says I love you more than a Diamond. Gold or Gemstones can’t Compete. Diamond works for every Anniversary hands down.

8th, 17th, 49th? You got it!

So get your head out of the Past. Look at today’s Women, Brides and Wives…

This Ain’t the Cleavers!

They don’t want a Daffodil as a 10th Anniversary Gift!

Don’t be a Fool. Flowers? HA! They want Diamonds! Eh, okay, maybe Diamonds AND Flowers! :)

I know this because everyday I see them come into the Jewelry Store to Shop…

Women want Diamonds, Diamonds and more Diamonds!

Nothing Else! Just Diamonds!

And the Jewelry Choice is yours for the Picking: Diamond Earrings, Diamond Pendants, Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Rings, Diamond Bands or Diamond Watches… It’s all Good! (see some Great Diamond Jewelry Gifts HERE!)

As long as it has a ‘Diamond’ in it, then the Anniversary Gift will be a Success!

Appliances? HA!

I’ve never had a Woman Return a Diamond Anniversary Ring saying “I wanted an Electrical Appliance instead!” (4th Anniversary!)


It’s not going to happen! Get her a Diamond and she’ll be as Happy as a Clam. A Diamond Clam that is! :)

Get her a BIG Diamond and she’ll be Really, Really Happy!

And just so I can be a Little Official here, these are the True and Official Traditional Diamond Anniversary Years:

  • 09th Anniversary! – Diamond
  • 10th Anniversary! – Diamond
  • 15th Anniversary! – Diamond
  • 17th Anniversary! – Diamond
  • 20th Anniversary! – Diamond
  • 30th Anniversary! – Diamond
  • 51st Anniversary! – Diamond

But like I said, ‘official’ is so 1950’s.

Today, Diamond is every Year, every Anniversary, every Gift! Because the Diamond Anniversary is an Anniversary Gift that she’ll Never Forget.

What do I get her this Year for our Anniversary?


Diamond NOW and ALWAYS!

Maybe that’s why they say, “Diamonds are Forever!

Cheers! :)

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