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What's the Best Diamond Color to Buy?

Diamond Color can be Confusing for many Customers.

Especially to an Untrained Eye!

Diamonds and Diamond Color, for the Most Part, Can Look the Same.

So What’s a Customer to do?

The Difference in Price from one Color to another can be Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars, but if one can’t see the Difference with the naked eye, is it really worth it?


It most Absolutely is…

Diamond Color is Very Vital!

Choosing the Right Diamond Color for you may not be High on your Priority List, but it should be. When it comes to the Beauty and added Sparkle that Color brings to a Diamond, you’ll see that Diamond Color is Extremely Important!

Do Not Dismiss it!

In fact, Color plays such an Important Role regarding the Beauty of a Diamond, that it’s #2 on the 4 C’s chart.

#1 is Diamond Cut, #2 Diamond Color, #3 Diamond Clarity, and #4 Carat Weight.

So Why is Diamond Color so Important?

A Good Diamond Color will actually Brighten up a Diamond, make it look Larger, but also Hide and Mask it’s Imperfections and Flaws!

That’s a lot of Benefit from one of the 4 C’s!

So let’s Dive in and Talk about the Diamond Color Grading Chart.

And Before we go any Further, you’re going to need to See it!

Below is the GIA Diamond Color Chart that we’ll be Discussing. So take some time and look it over!

Diamond Color Grading Chart

The Diamond Color Grading Chart is Broken Down into 6 Categories:

  • Colorless
  • Near Colorless
  • Faint Yellow
  • Very Light Yellow
  • Light Yellow
  • Fancy Color

That Last Color Range is Fancy Colored Diamonds, which are Colored Diamonds! (like Blue, Green, Pink…)


GIA, the Gemological Institute of America designed this Color Grading Chart that all of America uses to Color Grade Diamonds. They Set the Standard that everyone else uses.

The 6 Categories are broken down into the Letters of the Alphabet starting with D. The Colors Range anywhere from D-Z. D being the Best or Perfect, and Z being the Lowest and Least Favorable. The letters A-B-C are not used in the Color Grading Chart, due to Confusions with Terms Referring to “Blue-White” Diamonds and earlier Color Scales.

The BEST Color Range?

D-E-F Color is the Best Color Range on the Market, the Colorless Color Range. “Colorless” is the Highest Color Range and carries the Highest Prices of course. D is the Absolute Best of the Best. It’s Perfect and Pure White. Nothing Beats it! Nothing! It shows No Traces of Color whatsoever. D Rating is the Whitest Diamond available on the Face of the Earth. Hands down! There is Nothing Better.


Which also means that D Color is Extremely Rare! D is just Extraordinary to View. The Brightness and Whiteness is Unbelievable. Remember, there is no higher Color Rating for a Diamond, so if you’re lucky enough to get a D color you’ll know that for the Rest of your Life, all other Diamonds will always look Darker, Off White or just Plain Yellow in Comparison!

You just can’t Compare any other Color to Perfection. But with D being Extremely Rare, it’s also Extremely Expensive (See Some Awesome D Diamonds HERE!)

Perfection has a Hefty Price!

E and F Color

One small step down is E Color. Actually E & F Diamond Color is still considered “Colorless“. Colorless just means it has No Yellow or off Color in the Diamond. E and F Color is Stunning (See some E and F Colored Diamonds HERE!).

You’d have a Very Tough Time telling the Difference between a D and E and F.

That’s because they’re all in the Same Category “Colorless“. Normally you won’t see a Big Visual Difference with the Eye in Diamond Color unless you Compare Different Categories side by side. Like “Colorless” Diamonds to “Near Colorless” Diamonds, which is the next Category down the list.

What Diamond Color do I Recommend?

Out of all the Color Ranges available in the Diamond Color Grading Chart, if I had to Recommend One over the next, I would Recommend Purchasing either an E Color or an F Color.

Buy E or F!

That’s Right, were there any Doubts? The next time you’re in the market to Buy a Loose Diamond, strive to get a Colorless Diamond.

It’s Awesome Diamond Color!

E or F is a Great Buy! E & F is “Pure White” and those Color Ranges will make your Diamond look Bigger and Brighter.

If I was Buying a Diamond, I Would Buy Pure White Color Hands Down!

Trust me, you’ll see the Difference and your Diamond will Sparkle like a Star. People will hold their own Diamond Rings out to compare, and then instantly frown, because up against yours, their Diamonds will look Dull, Dirty, Yellow and Ugly.

Colorless Diamonds are Worth Every Penny!

You’ll Never Regret it!

The Funny thing is, Colorless Diamonds are NOT what most Jewelers carry!


Because of Price!

Jewelers carry the more Affordably Priced Diamonds of “Near Colorless” Diamond Ranges which are the G – H – I – J Colors. These letters make up the Bulk of the Diamond market because they are the next best thing. They have Decent Color and are more Affordable at the same time (See some Near Colorless Diamonds HERE!).

G-H or Higher!

So I Stress, if you MUST Purchase a Diamond in the Near Colorless Diamond Range because of Price, then by all means make sure you stay at the high end of the Near Colorless Range.

Stay in the G or H Color Range.

G & H are what is Termed “Fine White” Diamond Colors. They are Nice, have a White Body Tone and most people will Never Notice the Slight Tint of Color in them. Sadly though, most Jewelers carry the Lower Color Ranges like the I and J Color Ranges which Forms the Bottom End of the Near Colorless Range.

I & J often Do Show Color!

I Color and J Color will often have some Yellow Hues to them. You may not notice it, but when you Compare a Colorless Diamond like an E Color up against a J Color, you’ll be Amazed at how much Brighter and Whiter a Colorless Diamond is.

For most people, this Instant Visual Difference is enough to Settle any Question about Diamond Color.

You just have to see it to Believe it!

Every time I show a Colorless Diamond to a Customer, they Fall in Love with it.

So why is it that People don’t know about Colorless Diamonds?

Customers don’t know about Colorless Diamonds for a very simple reason

Jewelers Don’t Tell Them!

And Why is this?

Because they Don’t Carry them!

Ahhhhh…!” Jewelers will always try to Sell you what they have in Stock. Since Colorless Diamonds are Rare and Expensive, Jewelers don’t get such a Great Deal on them.

Which also means, they may Sit on those Diamonds for Quite a While before they Sell them.

So Jewelers tend to Carry Stones that are More Affordable to Everyone. More Affordable Stones means they’ll Sell More Diamonds!

But then a sad thing happens…

They don’t know what they’re Missing!

Most Customers will never see a Colorless Diamond.

And not ever Seeing a Colorless Diamond to Compare to the “normal” Near Colorless Diamond is a Shame! They’ll never know what they’re missing.

Customers will come in and ask to see a VS Diamond with I Color. And I’ll look at them in Bewilderment and ask “Why I Color?” And usually they’ll Answer “I don’t know? That’s what the other Jeweler had!” Shame Indeed!

Trust Me! You CAN see Color!

Just know that you will probably never see Microscopic Inclusions (Who Carries around a Microscope?)with your Naked Eye, that you may never see those Flaws within the Stone, but Color on the other hand, Color IS something you can see with the naked eye.

You can tell a White Diamond verses a Yellow Diamond. Color is one thing you can Visually see a Major Difference in, every one can. You’ll always see White, Whiteness, and the Sheer Beauty it Brings. It’ll Sparkle like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Test This Theory!

If you really want to Test this Color Theory, go into any Jeweler and Compare them yourself. Put a Colorless Diamond, E or F, up against a Near Colorless Diamond with an I or J in Color.

You will see that the Near Colorless Diamond looks Yellow.


And if you put it up against a L or M Color, which is in the “Faint Yellow Range“, you’ll really see the Yellow. It’s Amazing! Yellow Diamonds are Not Eye-Friendly if you know what I mean.

Unless you like that Moldy, Antique, Dirty, Old, P-Color look, I would stay far away from them! No Bride will want that Diamond up against her Beautiful White Bridal Dress!

As White As Possible!

With Diamond Color, always try to get the Whitest Diamond Color possible. E and F is Awesome! I Swear by them! You will Absolutely love Colorless Diamonds. You’ll never tire from staring at those Brilliant Splashes of Light bouncing around. Beautiful Sparkles and Fire will certainly Bring Life to your Eyes and a Smile to your Face.

Colorless” or “No Color” is the best Color to ever have in a Diamond.

No Doubts, No Regrets, and certainly No Yellow!

Get your Pure White Diamonds from James Allen HERE!

Cheers! :)

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