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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Whats the Best Diamond Girdle to Get?

Some people get real curious about the Girdle of a Diamond, while others could care less.

Does the Diamond Girdle matter?

What’s the Best Diamond Girdle to have?

That’s what I’m here to Explain…

The very Best Diamond Girdle to have comes directly from GIA’s Excellent Diamond Proportions.

In GIA’s mind, the Best Girdle to have for a Diamond is either: Thin, Medium, or Slightly Thick. Take a look at the image below…

Best Diamond Girdles

Any of these three ratings will still put you into the Excellent Grade you want to be in, as long as the rest of the Diamond is Cut Properly of course.

Excellent is the best place to be, there is nothing better.

Why the Girdle Matters

The Diamond Girdle does it’s job when it’s not obvious, aligns up the rest of the facets (top and bottom), and helps to secure the Diamond in the mounting or head (prongs).

Prongs Grip The Diamond Edge

And That’s About It!

Other than giving Certificate Companies a place to Etch the Laser Inscription at.

The Girdle sounds Pretty Simple, but it actually is a Pretty Demanding Role.

First off, you don’t want the Girdle to stand out and be an eye sore. You shouldn’t look at your Diamond and have the Girdle Distract you from the Beauty of the Stone.

One of the Most Distracting Girdles to have is the Unpolished, or Rough Girdle. Those Girdles are milky white and rough all the way around. It’s just part of the Actual Rough Rock that is unpolished, but boy does it stand out.

The Rough Girdle gets held in the Prongs Good, but it’s Obvious and Noticeable, and makes it look like the Diamond is split in two.

I prefer a Smooth or Faceted Girdle that Blends in with the Rest of the Stone. Sight Unseen!

Keep Things Aligned

If the Diamond is proportioned properly, the Girdle will be of Uniform and Consistent Thickness all the way around the Stone…

Consistent Medium Diamond Girdle

It won’t Vary or look Wavy or Uneven!

You’ll see this listed on some Diamond Reports: Girdle – Very Thin – Thick. That’s an uneven Girdle! It shouldn’t span over 3 Grades. 2 at the most! :)

An uneven Girdle will look like a roller coaster and be really thin in some spots, and quite heavy in others. It gives the appearance of a flat tire.

Take a look…

Bad Uneven Wavy Diamond Girdle

Not Cool!

A Girdle that’s Thin-Medium is my Preference for the BEST Girdle to get. These types of Girdles don’t stand out and they don’t Add Unnecessary Carat Weight to the stone. It’s just the Perfect Edge!

Give me a Grip!

Plus, a Thin or Medium Girdle gives the edge of the Diamond enough width for the Prongs or Head to Clamp Tightly against and Grip it Securely.

If the Girdle is too Thin, the Prongs could Chip the Edge Easily, or if you Hit it Accidentally, you could Break the Corner or Nick the Side.

Very Thin Girdles, or no Girdles at all, are scary and should be avoided if you can.

Check the Certificates

Every Diamond Report (GIA is the BEST), lists the Grade of the Girdle right on the Laminated Certificate next to the Plot, called the Diamond Profile

As seen here…

GIA Girdle Grade

On Older GIA Diamond Reports, the Girdle Grade was listed with the other info under Proportions

Old GIA Girdle Grades

GIA says Thin, Medium, or Slightly Thick is the Best. I lean more towards just “Thin” or “Medium” myself.

With these Grades, you can’t go Wrong!

P.S. Make sure you Microscope any Diamond Girdle before you purchase the stone. The Girdles are usually the first place a Diamond will chip at, and unless you view it under 10x magnification (like a Jeweler’s Loupe), you may never know.

Check it for Chips!

A Chipped Girdle Can’t be Fixed! You may try to Cover it up with a Prong, or you may have to send it out to have the Stone Recut, or just that section of Stone Recut, but once there, it will always be there.

So what are you Waiting for?

Check your Girdle today! :)

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