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Which Diamond Clarity is SI Clarity?

Which Clarity is SI Clarity?

You Ask the Jeweler what the Clarity of a Diamond is. He tells you “SI Clarity“…

You Smile and Nod

SI is a GOOD Clarity, right?

This is where they get you.

It could be GOOD or BAD Depending on Which Diamond Clarity “SI Clarity” really is.

You see, Jewelers like to Lump all the SI’s together and just State “SI“. But that isn’t Very Truthful…

There is more than one SI Clarity Diamond!

SI Clarity is a Range

The SI Clarity Range is actually a couple of different Clarity Grades: SI1 and SI2 (and sometimes SI3).

The 1 and 2 are the Important Numbers (SI1 is Better than SI2 ).

Let’s take a Closer Look at their True Meanings…

SI1 Clarity

SI1 means Slightly Included. It has Small Inclusions and Flaws that are ONLY Microscopic. They are NOT Seen with the Naked Eye (unless you have a Bionic Eye).

To see Inclusions in an SI1 Diamond (Like these Very Awesome SI1 Clarity Diamonds HERE!) you’ll need a 10x (Ten Powered) Microscope or Jeweler’s Loupe. Under Magnification like this, these Inclusions and Flaws should be Easy to Spot.

SI2 Clarity

SI2 is one step below SI1 Clarity.

SI2 has Bigger Flaws and Inclusions in the Stone that are Almost Invisible to the Naked Eye. From the Top View (looking Straight Down into the Diamond), the Diamond will Appear Clean and you’ll see NO Flaws. But, from a Side View you’ll be able to Spot them (Sometimes).

Viewing from the Side may show you Black Carbon Spots, Lines, Cracks, Clouds… Things that were Frozen in the Diamond when the Diamond was Created a Billion Years Ago.

SI2 Clarity (Like these SI2 Diamonds HERE!) is the In-Between Clarity Grade that Separates Hidden Inclusions (SI1 or Higher) from Visible Inclusions (Included Diamonds), which is I1 Clarity or lower.

This is why SI2 Clarity is the Questionable Clarity. You may see Inclusions depending on what Angle you’re Viewing the Diamond.

Granted, you may Never see Inclusions in an SI2 Clarity Diamond. Some people can look at them and still Never Spot the Flaws. Some Inclusions are Easier to see than others. Every Diamond is different and should be Scrutinized and Judged Accordingly.

And then there is one more SI Clarity stone…

SI3 Clarity

Right off the bat I’ll tell you this:

SI3 Clarity is NOT Recognized by GIA (GIA Wrote the Book on Diamond Grading: the 4 C’s).

GIA grades SI3 Clarity Diamonds as being I1 Clarity Diamonds instead.

There is NO SI3

The Diamond is either an SI2 Diamond or an I1 Diamond. Not something in between.

I can totally understand SI3 Clarity though. I have seen some I1 Clarity Diamonds that really do Face Up so Well that they Could Pass for an SI2 Stone. Some Diamonds are Borderline and it all comes down to Opinion. There is no Right or Wrong. But there is NO SI3!

If you can see any Inclusions from the Top Down View, no matter what the Color of the Inclusion is (White or Black), then that Diamond WILL BE an I Clarity Diamond.

SI3 Clarity is just a name to make the Diamond Sound Better than it really is.

SI3 is what some may call it… But it’s really an I1 Clarity Stone.

Don’t be Fooled

If a Jeweler is calling the Clarity of a Diamond simply by the Title of “SI Clarity“, then…


Ask the Jeweler “Which SI Clarity? Is it SI1, SI2 or SI3?

There is a Big Difference in Looks and a Big Difference in Price. Check out these Price Differences below between an SI1, SI2, and an I1 Clarity (SI3) Diamond…

Compare Prices!

1.00, SI1, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $5,660 VIEW
1.00, SI2, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $4,520 VIEW
1.00, I1, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $3,690 VIEW

P.S. Viewing all those Diamonds and seeing the Differences in Inclusions and Flaws is Pretty Breathtaking (Not to Mention the Difference in Price!)
Prices obtained through James Allen!

Any Jeweler that just says “SI Clarity” without telling you the 1, 2, or 3 (some Jewelers carry SI3, others won’t!), should be telling you one thing Loud and Clear: It’s the LOWER Clarity Grade!

Why do I say that?

Because if the Diamond was an SI1 Clarity (The Highest of the Bunch), then they would be SURE to tell you. The Only Reason NOT to tell you, is if it’s a Lower Clarity.

An SI1 Clarity Diamond will almost always be called an SI1 Clarity Diamond. An SI2 or SI3 Clarity Diamond will just be given the name “SI Clarity“.

So if they don’t tell you 1, 2 or 3… Just Assume it’s SI2 or Worse.

And also Don’t Buy it, unless you want an SI2 or Lower Clarity!

Don’t let SI Clarity Fool you!

I Clarity

The same holds True for I Clarity. I Clarity is made up of 3 Grades: I1, I2 and I3. If the Jewelry Store tells you “I Clarity“, it’s probably the Bottom of the Bucket, which is I2 or I3.

VVS and VS

Likewise with VVS Clarity and VS Clarity Diamonds.

There are VVS1, VVS2 and VS1, VS2. They all have Numbers attached to them. If they Lump it together as just “VS Clarity” or “VVS Clarity” always Assume they are “VS2 Clarity” or “VVS2 Clarity“.

1, 2, and 3 Really Do Make a Difference!

What is your Number?

See More Great Certified Diamonds HERE!

Cheers! :)

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