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Which Diamond is the Cheapest


I’m going to show you 3 diamonds. Just by looking at them, can you decide which is the cheapest?

Sounds easy enough, but all of the diamonds are different in quality; color, cut, clarity, the only thing that’s the same is the carat weight.

They are all 1.00 carat exactly.

Plus, they are all certified by GIA as well.

So bring on the diamonds…

Which diamond is CHEAPER?

(Keep in mind this is not looking for the best stone, it’s the diamond that you think will sell the cheapest!)

A. B. or C?

Which diamond is the cheapest

Got your answer? Good…

At first glance, it seems rather obvious. Diamond A. or C, right? A. looks dark and blurry, and C. looks black and yellow.

But if you’re thinking “That Richard is fooling me…

You’d be right. For diamond B. is the cheapest!

How is this possible?

It’s because all diamonds appear different, regardless of their quality. Sort of like people, we all have a face, nose, ears, eyes… But subtle shifts make one face look much better than another. Feel me?

I do this diamond test for good reasons… If diamond B. were on someone’s finger, you’d think it was a really expensive diamond. But, believe it or not, the difference between these diamonds is almost TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Now that’s mind-boggling.

Take a peek a the prices:

Diamonds ranked from cheapest to most expensive

1.00, I1, E, EX, EX, EX, NONE $3,930 VIEW
1.00, IF, K, VG, EX, VG, MEDIUM $4,530 VIEW
1.00, IF, D, EX, VG, VG, FAINT $13,990 VIEW

What a difference.

A. is actually a top-notch diamond. IF clarity (internally flawless), with D color (the best there is). It also has an excellent cut… It’s cream of the crop. On paper. The polish and symmetry is also “very good“. So what gives? The fluorescence.

Fluorescence plays a role in how a diamond faces up and reacts to light. It can make even the best diamonds appear dull, foggy or hazy. And if you shopped by specifications alone, without seeing the diamond, you’d be in for a nice surprise.

Especially since it sells for $13,990 (at the time of this post).

C. diamond is not bad either. IF clarity, K color (a little on the yellow side), decent cut, symmetry and polish… But once again, it has medium fluorescence.

So while it’s ultra-clean, it still doesn’t face up that well.

Diamond B. is the cheapest and the prettiest

B. has the lowest clarity grade (at the other end of the spectrum); I1 clarity. But this I1 appears really, really nice (many don’t). If you looked at enough I1 clarity diamonds though, you’d see that some inclusions hide and blend in with the stone better. They visually look more expensive. As in this case.

Diamond B. also has an excellent cut, polish and symmetry (triple excellent). It’s E color (pure-white), and has zero (none) fluorescence.

So side by side with higher quality diamonds, it just looks better.

And cheaper!

It goes to show you that diamonds must be visually judged. You have to see them, rotate them, scope them under magnification to really enjoy their true beauty (which is why I love looking at James Allen diamonds).

There are tons and tons of low priced diamonds that would fool anyone. You just have to be picky. Find a diamond that sparkles and shines (I always advise a triple excellent cut and a pure white diamond). Those traits are way more noticeable than clarity (which is mostly microscopic).

You’d be amazed at what you can save.

But if money is no objection, then buy the best you can. Like this stunning stone here:

Top Notch Expensive Diamond

1.00, IF, F, EX, EX, EX, NONE $10,460 VIEW

That’s awesome!

But is it really worth it? It all depends on what you want, what’s important to you, and what your pocketbook says. For clarity is always the least crucial 4C. It’s always cut and color that rank at the top.

That, and no fluorescence.

Like these diamonds here:

Nice Looking Low Priced Diamonds

Just look for the ones that don’t have huge eye-visible black flaws. Easy as that.

Put your money into a bigger carat weight or a beautiful mounting (like these pave mountings here).

There’s nothing wrong with low clarity…

If you know what to shop for.

Look here for low priced diamonds that face up great.

Cheers! :)

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