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Should you Get 4 Or 6 Prongs for your Diamond?

Ahh, the Million Dollar Question!

People are always confused over this choice. They’re confused that they even get a choice!

4 Prongs or 6 Prongs for their round-cut Engagement Ring?

So if one of the choices is better than the other, then why offer a choice to begin with?

Good Question!

Why do Jewelers offer both 4 Prongs and 6 Prongs?

The problem is, there are good points and bad points to both 4 Prongs and 6 Prongs.

In my eyes, they pretty much balance each other out.

Let me show you…

4 Prong Heads

When you look at a 4 prong head, the Prongs grasp the outer edges of the Diamond’s Girdle and gently bend over the top of the crown holding the Diamond down.

4 Prongs, equally spaced apart from the top down, tends to look like a box. (see picture) They give your Round Diamond a more square look.

The Prongs on a 4 prong head are generally thicker and heavier than it’s buddy the 6 prong. Diamonds set in 4 Prongs will often look bigger and brighter. You can see more of the table and crown of the Diamond and it really makes your Diamond pop with bright light!

So why even talk about a 6 Prong Head?

6 prong heads have 6 Prongs that are a little bit thinner than the 4 prong heads. That’s just because there are more of them and they all have to merge into the base of the head.

6 Prongs do cover up more of the Diamond.

A lot more!

And if you have a small Diamond, you may have a hard time seeing the Diamond through those Prongs. 6 Prongs block a lot of light from entering the Diamond and also make it harder to clean underneath the Diamond.

So good golly, why would anyone think about 6 Prongs?

For one very obvious reason…

6 Prongs are safer than 4 Prongs!

With 6 Prongs, if you break a prong, pull the prong back or snap the prong off, you’ll still have 5 more Prongs holding your Diamond in the mounting.

With 4 Prongs, most of the time if you break your prong off, the Diamond will fall out of the mounting and it is lost!

Not Good!

6 Prongs makes your Diamond look smaller and darker, but when viewed from above it does keep your Round Diamond looking Round. And that’s good!

But the biggest reason to choose from 4 Prongs or 6 is…

Peace of Mind!

That’s it! The biggest and best reason that people decide to go with a 6 prong head over 4. Peace of mind!

With the frantic pace of the World today, just having that little bit of extra security is worth it’s weight in Gold!

And there’s still another huge reason to go with 6 Prongs…

One of the jobs that Prongs do, is not only hold your Diamond in the mounting, but protect your Diamond from Chipping or Breaking.

If you knock your Diamond on the counter accidentally, chances are, you’ll hit the Prongs and NOT the Diamond!

6 Prongs Protect the Girdle

So with 6 Prongs, there is very little of the vulnerable outer edge of the Diamond exposed. That outer edge, or The Girdle, is the weakest spot on the Diamond. It’s the spot that always chips and breaks first! With 6 Prongs, you’d have to be at just the right angle to get in between those Prongs. Believe me, that Diamond is as secure as can be.

But then again…

What are you Sacrificing?

You just spent tons of money on one of the prettiest Diamonds available, it has awesome Color and Clarity, it shines like there’s no end, and what do you do? You slap gaudy Prongs all over it, hiding it and making it look ugly! OUCH!

4 Prongs let more light in. More light equals more sparkles that catch her eye. And with 4 Prongs that Diamond looks even bigger! WOW! 4 Prongs do look inviting don’t they? It’s a big trade-off, Beauty or Protection?

Good and Bad Points

So you see there are great points about both. This is something Jewelers are faced with everyday. 4 Prongs look more appealing.

If you look at any Jewelers rings that are mounted up in their showcases, you’ll see that 90% of them are set with 4 Prongs! Secure or not, 4 Prongs just add more beauty to the Diamond.

I mean, what do you want to look at for the rest of your life? Tons of Metal, or your Beautiful Diamond? I hate the idea of covering up that expensive masterpiece. It seems like such a shame.

So this is what I recommend!

I could take flak for this, but go with the 4 prong head! It’s not as secure, but nothing in life is.

Take your ring in for routine cleaning and inspection, where the Jeweler can check the Prongs for wear and tear and any cracks and you shouldn’t ever have to worry about harming or losing your Diamond again.

That’s not to say that it can’t happen, but I always say to people, you bought the ring to wear and enjoy, so do so. Get it insured and covered for any damage or loss and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Hopefully this will help shed some light upon the Diamond and the topic of 4 or 6 Prongs!

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