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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Which Jeweler Jewelry Store Has The Cheaper Diamond Prices?

Save HUGE Money!

If I told you You Could Save Almost $5,000 on a Diamond Engagement Ring, would you Believe me?

Well hold onto your Hat, because YOU CAN!

If you know how to Compare Diamonds, and Know Where to Shop!

I’m taking a Closer look Today at one of the Most Commonly Sold Engagement Rings on the Market. I’m Comparing a One Carat Round Diamond, with I1 Clarity, and H-I-J Color.

Why this Diamond Quality?

Because Most Mall Jewelry Stores Sell these Types of Rings and Quality. It will make it Easier to Compare Stores and Prices across the Country.

To Prove this, just Check out any Store and look at the Tag or Certificate, you’ll more than likely see either SI2 or I1, and a Color of H-I or J.

It’s Common Quality

Most Stores will always Carry these, and for the Most Part, they Tend to Face up Nice (even though you WILL probably See Eye-Visible Inclusions in them). That’s just the Nature of I Clarity Diamonds. But, it does keep the Price Down…

Or so it Should!

Even at this Quality though, some Stores are High in Price. It just goes to Show, it DOES Pay to Shop and Compare.

It could Save you TONS!

So Today, I’ll Compare this Quality with Several Online Jewelers (9 of the Biggest), so you can see the Going Rate for this Type of Ring, and see which Jeweler is really giving you an Okay Deal, or the BEST PRICE!


Note that this Comparison ONLY Applies to this Diamond Ring of Similar Quality, and Does Not Reflect on any of their other Rings, Sets, or Diamond Prices (which could change at any given time). I have only Compared this One Similar Style of Ring on 6-26-2013 and that’s all. The Facts are the Facts. All the Information below is Taken Directly from their Online Websites for all to see. I’m just Comparing them for you! :)

The Jewelers I’m Comparing are:

  • Fred Meyer Jewelers
  • Zales Jewelers
  • Kay Jewelers
  • Helzberg Diamonds
  • Riddle’s Jewelry
  • Ben Moss Jewelers
  • Reeds Jewelers
  • Daniel’s Jewelers
  • James Allen Jewelers

I would have LOVED to also include Blue Nile in this list, but they Do Not Carry I1 Clarity, so a Comparison would Not have been Fair!

Also Note that I Struggled to find Diamonds that had Ideal Cuts, but Sadly, many Jewelry Stores Online didn’t list Cut (other than the Shape), and many didn’t carry Ideal, so I had to go with what they had.

Also Note that the Mountings were Not Exact Either. I did my Best to Find Similar Styles, Widths and Weights. For Comparison Purposes they should be Close Enough to not make much of a Difference in Price. As you will also see, some of the Jewelers sell the Diamonds and Mountings Separately, so I had to Add the Prices together for a Grand Total, as shown in the images. :)

So let’s see the Jewelers and the Deals…

First on the list of Jewelers (In No Particular Order) is Fred Meyer Jewelers…

Take a Peek…

Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer Sells a 1 Carat Diamond Solitaire, 14k White Gold Ring, for $4,999.00

They have a Suggested Retail Price of $9,800.00 on the Diamond and I Quote…

“YOU SAVE 49%”

Here’s the Info from their Website as of the Day of this Post (Again 06-26-2013).

Fred Meyer Jewelers Diamond Prices!

The Quality of the Center Stone is I1 Clarity, J Color. It doesn’t List the Actual Cut of the Stone, and it doesn’t seem like the Diamond is Certified either!

Zales Jewelers

Zales Jewelers sells Loose Diamonds Online, and one that Fits my Criteria is this one…

Zales Jewelers Diamond Prices!

The Diamond IS Certified by GIA, with I1 Clarity, I Color, and a Cut Grade of Good.

They have the Diamond listed for $4,842.00, and a nice Cathedral Mounting in 14k White Gold will Run you an Additional $420.15, for a Combined Price of $5,262.15.

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers sells a Diamond Solitaire (Tolkowsky Cut, which is an Ideal Cut), that’s I1 Clarity, H-I-J Color (They pick whatever Color they have in Stock to give you), with a 14k White Gold Cathedral Mounting for $5999.99.

Kay Jewelers Diamond Prices!

It appears that the Stone is Certified by Gemex, which Certifies the Light Return as Very High.

See it Here:

Tolkowsky Solitaire Ring 1 ct Round-cut Diamond 14K White Gold- Engagement Rings

Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg sells a 1 Carat Loose Round Diamond with a Quality of I1, H-I (Cut is NOT listed). It is Certified by IGI, and the Price for this Diamond is $5,499.00.

Helzberg Diamonds Diamond Prices!

As you can see, a Mounting similar to the Rest in 14k will Run you an Extra $399.00 (for a 1.00 Carat Stone), totaling $5,898.99.

Riddle’s Jewelers

Riddle’s Jewelry Store sells a Diamond Solitaire, 1 Carat, I1, H Color in a Cathedral Mounting for a Price of $4,999.00.

Do Note that this Particular Diamond is their Noventa Diamond Cut, which has more Facets on it than Normal.

Riddles Jewelers Diamond Prices!

Ben Moss Jewelers

Ben Moss Jewelers sells a 1 Carat Diamond, I1, H-I, for a SALE PRICE of $4,799.00. The Retail Price is listed as $5,999.00.

Ben Moss Jewelers Diamond Prices!

This Diamond is Part of their Canadian Ice Collection, which means that the Diamond has 68 Facets (Ten More than Normal), and is Laser Engraved with a Unique Number to Trace it Back to the Canadian Mines. It comes with a Diamond Report, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Reeds Jewelers

Reeds Jewelers sells a 1 Carat Diamond, I1, I Color, Certified by GSI (Gemological Science International – Never heard of them before) , Cut NOT listed, in a 14k White Gold Mounting for $4,999.95. The Retail Price is $7,900.00.

Take a look…

Reeds Jewelers Diamond Prices!

Daniel’s Jewelers

Daniels sells a 1 Carat Loose Round Diamond (GIA Certified) of I1 Clarity, H Color, Very Good Cut, for $9,938.40.

Daniels Jeweler Diamond Prices!

Did you Catch that Price?


This Diamond is Loose and a Mounting similar to all the others shown here is going to Tack on an Additional $798.62, bringing the Grand Total of this Diamond in this Ring to $10,737.02.


That’s a Lot of Dough!

James Allen Jewelers

James Allen sells a 1 Carat Loose Diamond, I1 Clarity, H Color, GIA Certified, Excellent Cut (The BEST there is), for a Low, Low Price of $4,010.00.

James Allen Jewelers Diamond Prices!

Set this Diamond into an 18k (They Don’t Sell 14k) White Gold Mounting for another $650.00, and you get a Grand Total of $4,660.00.


If you want to Keep the Price Cheaper…

Set that Diamond into a Tiffany Style Solitaire Mounting for just $180.00 more, totaling $4,190.00

See below to see what I mean!

James Allen Does Have the Better Diamond Prices!

Or, you could always Spend the Cash that Expensive Ring above (Daniels) for $10,737.02.

It’s only $5,000 Difference!

It’s your Choice!

So who does have the Best Deals Online?

Compare them all (Diamond Prices are combined with Mounting Prices below)…

Fred Meyer, 1.00, I1, J, ???, ??? $4,999 VIEW
Zales, 1.00, I1, I, GOOD, GIA $5,262.15 VIEW
Kays, 1.00, I1, H-I-J, IDEAL, GEMEX $5,999 VIEW
Helzberg, 1.00, I1, H-I, ???, IGI $5,898.99 VIEW
Riddle’s, 1.00, I1, H, NOVENTA, ??? $4,999 VIEW
Ben Moss, 1.00, I1, H-I, CANADIAN, CANADIAN $4,799 VIEW
Reeds, 1.00, I1, I, ???, GSI $4999.95 VIEW
Daniel’s, 1.00, I1, H, VERY GOOD, GIA $10,737.02 VIEW
James Allen, 1.00, I1, H, EXCELLENT, GIA $4,660 VIEW

James Allen WINS

James Allen sells the Best Quality of Diamonds for the Best Prices! Hands Down!

Their Diamond is also GIA Certified (the Best), with an Excellent Cut (Better than all the Rest).

Plus, their Price is the Lowest of the Lot.


If you’re looking for 1 Carat Diamond Deals, now you know where to Shop.

Visit James Allen Today.

You’ll be Happy you Did! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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Blue Nile

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