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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Who Buys The Mans Wedding Ring?

“Who buys his wedding band?”

It’s actually a funny thing to discuss.

You’d think it would be a no-brainer

But, trust me, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to buying men’s wedding rings.

Who buys it?

This is always the question of the day.

Does the woman buy the band?

Should the man be there at the time of purchase?

Should the wedding bands be bought together?

Who pays for them?

Can they be sold as a set and financed on the same plan?

Does he ever buy his own ring?

Questions, questions, questions…

Here are the answers…

Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes!


Keep in mind, there are no true set rules or official guidelines here (not anymore at least).

Generally speaking, the woman does buy the men’s ring (that’s what tradition says).

But often enough, the couple shops together, and the rings are bought at the same time and put on the same finance plan (meaning, he usually does end up paying for it).


The good thing is, these rings are usually cheaper if bought together (multiple purchase discount).

Normally the finance plan would be under his name, but that’s also assuming he has good credit and gets approved. I’ve seen many times where she has had to finance them (I would imagine that he still ends up paying for them though).

Every couple is different though. And depending on the price of the rings, so is their method of payment. Some still pay in cash. :) You just never know.

“Shhhhh, it’s a secret!”

Sometimes she comes in with her girlfriends and buys his ring. She secretly shops when he’s not there! “Surprise!

She picks it out, takes it home, gives it to him and he brings it back into the jewelry store to get it sized and fitted later (or custom ordered in the correct size).

You see, men usually don’t care much about this whole process. They know they have to wear a ring and would normally be happy with a plain, simple, smooth band (gold, tungsten, titanium, platinum are the most popular metals). Easy as that.

P.S. I would recommend a comfort fit band. They’re thicker, more durable and more comfortable to wear. Like these rings here:

Men want diamonds?

Now some men do want diamonds in their rings as well. Some couples also want matching bands. I know, I know… to each their own. Most men will usually leave that whole decision up to the woman. Grooms are not picky.

Whatever she wants… she gets.

So yes, I usually tell the couples “she picks it out and pays for it.

But really, it’s all in what they like and what works best for them. Everybody is different.

Even though, that never does explain why she always comes into the store and proudly exclaims:

“I want to get the cheapest men’s band possible!”

Yes, I hear that endlessly… “He’ll just destroy it!” they say…


Now that’s a different story.

Cheers! :)

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