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Why are Ring Prongs White Gold?


Do you ever Stop to look at your Wedding Set or Diamond Solitaire?

Have you ever Noticed that the Prongs and Head (see picture below) are White Gold?

White Gold Prongs!

Look at them Now!

Chances are Very Good that they’ll be White. Even if your Ring is 14kt Yellow Gold, the Heads and Prongs (the Things that Hold your Diamond in) will be 14kt White Gold.

The Question is:


There are 4 Main Reasons Why. Let’s look at them…


Durability Tops the List. It’s a Fact, White Gold is more Durable than Yellow Gold. That’s because White Gold has Alloys Mixed with the Metal to make it look more White (since White Gold is basically Yellow Gold to begin with).

These White Alloys, like Zinc, make White Gold more Durable than Yellow. And when we’re talking about the Main Component that holds in your Diamond, Durability is of Utmost Importance.

No Yellow Cast

White Gold Prongs don’t Add any Color into your Diamond. If your Diamond had Yellow Gold Prongs, the Diamond would pull some of this Yellow Coloring into the Stone and give it a Slight Yellow Cast (which isn’t so Pretty).

White Gold Won’t do that. White Prongs Help keep your White Diamond White!

White Gold is Brighter

White Gold takes on the Best Luster and Shine of any Metal on the Market. It’s Very Bright, Very White and Very Beautiful.

It Glistens in the Light like a Million Dollar Ring. All you see are White Sparkles and Shine, and of course, your Stunning Diamond.

White Gold is Not Distracting. It Blends in with your Diamond. There is No Sharp Contrast that stands out like a Sore Thumb. You almost don’t even see them.

They are Clean, Classy and Elegant.

It’s the Norm

Since Most Bridal Rings and Wedding Set Heads are made with White Gold, it makes it the Norm. The look is to be Expected.

Since 99% of all Diamond Engagement Rings are Mounted with White Gold Heads and Prongs (Like these Awesome Diamond Engagement Rings HERE!), it makes it Easier for the Jewelers to Work with them. They don’t need to Carry Tons of Different Solder.

Plus, it keeps the Price Down

Jewelers don’t have to carry Tons of Different Colored Heads either, just White Gold Ones. Which also means, if you need to get your Head and Prongs Replaced, Jewelers usually have these in Stock and can Switch them out with no Problem. It’s a Win-Win Scenario.

So as you can see, White Gold has many Perks.

It almost gives New Meaning to “White, Tight and Outta Sight!” :)


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