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Why Hide The Diamond Price?

People Love to Shop and Compare Diamonds and Diamond Prices.

They go from Store to Store and jot down things like: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.

They Drive all over Town looking for the BEST Deal that Money can Buy.

But, when it truly comes down to getting the Lowest Price Possible, they Fall Short!

This is because of one Crazy Hurdle…

They Hide the Price!

That’s Right.

Customers want to Compare Prices, but yet they don’t want to Tell us what those Prices are.

It goes something like this…

Woman: “What’s your Best Deal here on this Diamond?” (She’s got her Notebook out and Writing Info about the Diamond, Quality and Guarantees.)

Salesperson: “The Regular Price is $6,900, but it’s on Sale right now for $4,850.”

Woman: “And that is the BEST Deal you can give me?”

Salesperson: “What other Offers have you Found for this Particular Quality?”

Woman: “Just tell me what YOU can do, that’s all!

The Woman in this Situation thinks she’s being Smart.

She doesn’t know she’s only Hurting Herself.

She doesn’t want to open up and tell the Jeweler what the Prices are from the other Jewelry Stores. She doesn’t want it to “Influence” our Deal. She wants to Judge each Jeweler separately based upon their own Prices and then the Lowest Price Wins!!!

(Because of course, Only Price Counts… Right?)

A lot of people really do think this way and I say HOG WASH!

Why Play These Games?

The Ultimate Goal here is to Save Money isn’t it? You want the Best Deal, with the Best Price and Service and Plans, right?

So to get that Deal, you’ll need to be Forth Right and Honest with what you find on the Market. We want to know what others are Offering you, what our Competition is. I Guarantee that if you said to the Salesperson “The Jeweler down the Street is Selling this Stone for $4,650” then Guess what? More than likely they’ll Match their Price or Beat that Price!

Jewelers are Very Competitive!

Just like all Businesses’. If you were Shopping for Electronics and Best Buy had a Blu-Ray Player for $179.99, but Target had that same Blu-Ray Player Advertised for $159, Best Buy would MATCH that Price!

It’s the same thing!

Jewelers are Competitive and WANT your Business. Plus, who doesn’t want to take a Sale away from the Competitor? If it means Cutting into our own Profits, then the Real Winner is YOU!


Telling us this “Secret” Price of theirs just Forces us to Decide whether or Not to Play Ball or let you Shop elsewhere.

Most of the time you’ll find it’s:

Let’s Make a Deal!

The Bottom Line is: You want to get the Best Price. We want a Sale. We can usually Match or Beat that Price… But only if you tell us.

Holding back only keeps you from getting the Lowest Price that you really want. Isn’t that Silly?

Shop and Compare all the Jewelers. Let everyone see what everyone else can do. You’ll see the Big Boys step up to the Plate. They will always Strive to get you that Best Deal Possible. You’ll end up Getting More than you even Bargained for… Service Plans, Free Financing, Interest Free… It gets Pretty Fun in the Long Run.

The Silent Treatment Doesn’t Work

Speaking up, Does!

Don’t believe me? Give it a try the next time you’re out Shopping for Diamonds. Do realize that you can’t just Blurt out Prices without Proof…

You’ll need at least a Business Card from the Competition that has all the Important Facts Written on it. Things like: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. Along with Certification, Guarantees, Fluorescence… This way we’ll know you’re telling the Truth and not just trying to Low Ball us (we can see right through this).

Jewelers LOVE to Bargain and Work out Deals. It’s in our Blood. If you want the Best Price, if you truly want to Save Money, then open up to us. This will show you what a Jeweler is really made of.

You SAVE Money. We Make a Sale. Everyone’s Happy!

And that’s a Pretty Good Position to be in! :)

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