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Why Sapphires are the Best Gemstone to Buy

If you want to know what Gemstone to buy, then take my word for it:

Buy Sapphire Gemstones!

Sapphire is the Official Birthstone for September. But Sapphires are much more than just a Birthstone, they are incredible!

Out of all the Millions of Gemstones available on the face of the Earth, Sapphire is the best choice to purchase. They truly are the BEST Gemstone to buy.

Sapphires are Durable

They are the second hardest natural Gemstone on the market, second only to Diamond. But then again, Diamond is in a class all by itself. So when we’re talking about Gemstones, like Emeralds, Topaz and Citrine, no Gemstone can compare…

Sapphires are the King

Normally found in wonderful shades of Navy Blue, Sapphire actually comes in all the colors of the Rainbow (All but RED – That’s Ruby!)

See this Picture of a Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet

Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet

It’s OUTSTANDING! And, you can Get it HERE from Amazon!

Sapphires are a 9

The official Stone they come from is called Corundum and it’s rated a 9 out of 10 on the MOH’s Scale of Hardness. That just basically means that Sapphire (not Saphire) is harder than any Gemstone out there other than the Diamond. Hardness means it’s more Durable. It’s a great Gemstone to wear every day. It’s tough, can take a lot of abuse and will last a lifetime.

Sapphire is Precious

Sapphire is actually one of the Precious Stones, which means it’s not only Beautiful and Durable, but also very rare.

It is rare to find a clean Sapphire stone with great intense blue tones and colors. That’s why there are so many man-made Created Sapphires in the Jewelry Stores today. It’s just so rare in nature. Most real, Genuine Sapphires that you find in Stores today are too dark, almost Black Sapphire in color. Or they look just the opposite, too light, almost pale in color.

Best Color for Sapphire?

The best shade of Sapphire is a intense deep shade of blue, one that actually looks blue! (See Picture)

Thanks to multi-colored Jewelry popularity in the last 5 years, all the different shades of Sapphires are finding homes in wonderful pieces of Jewelry. Bright Yellow Sapphires to vivid Greens and Pinks and Oranges. (See Picture)

Sapphires are versatile, durable and make great stones to add to your Engagement Rings and Wedding bands. Plus it’s one of the few Gemstones that not only Women love, but Men love to wear also.

So the next time you’re thinking about a Gemstone to buy, think no further.

Choose Sapphire!

Any color will do. Durable, Precious, Intense and Practical, Sapphires really are the best Gemstone in the World!

Shop for Sapphire Jewelry at Amazon Here!

Cheers! :)

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