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Why Would Anyone Want A VVS Clarity Diamond

Looking for a great diamond?

Not worried about the price?

Then VVS clarity is a wonderful choice for you.

VVS clarity literally means “very, very slightly” included. VVS makes up 2 grades: VVS1 and VVS2 (the VVS1 being the better of the two, just below “internally flawless“).

VVS clarity is so absolutely stunning and clear, that even a trained eye (Diamontologist) would have a hard time finding anything inside the stone (as far as flaws go). Usually the flaws are very tiny things like pin-points and needles. They’re so clean and mesmerizing

Check out some VVS clarity diamonds below…

VVS1 and VVS2 Clarity Diamonds

So beautiful!

So why on Earth, would I say don’t buy them?

Well, I’m not saying don’t buy them (I actually love them), I’m just saying that there’s only 1 true reason to spend that kind of money on them:


Pride and satisfaction… Knowing that you’re buying something that’s so close to perfection is the only reason to spend an arm and a leg.

Compare VVS1 to VS1 and SI1 in the diamonds below… (all other traits being equal)…

Compare Diamond Prices VVS1 VS1 SI1

1.00, SI1, F, EX, EX, EX, NONE $8,060 VIEW
1.02, VS1, F, EX, EX, EX, NONE $10,730 VIEW
1.04, VVS1, F, EX, EX, EX, NONE $12,900 VIEW

The cleaner the stone, the higher the price goes.

An extra thousand, two thousand, FIVE… It can get pretty insane.

But still, that’s not why I gently persuade buying a lower clarity (like VS or SI)…

The real reason is this:

You can’t tell them apart!

If you put all of these diamonds side by side on the table, you would never, EVER, be able to tell the difference between them (unless you used a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe).

It’s True!

All these stones (anything SI1 or higher) will appear identical to the bare eye. All the flaws are “microscopic only“, and that’s the only way you can spot the differences.

So if you can’t see a difference…

Then why spend the difference?

No one would know the quality you bought… Just you and your pocketbook.

Personally, if it were me, I would put my money into something that would make a visual difference. Like a better color, cut, or carat weight. These things are differences you can see. You can see a whiter stone, a bigger stone, a stone with more sparkle…

So opt for a “True Hearts” diamond with a colorless grade, and you’ll truly see an exceptional stone that will knock your socks off.

Compare the two diamonds below:

Compare SI1 True Hearts To VVS1 Ideal Diamonds

1.00, SI1, F, EX, EX, EX, NONE $8,060 VIEW
1.02, VVS1, G, EX, EX, EX, NONE $8,660 VIEW

The look similar, and work out to be about the same price, but you end up getting TONS MORE with the SI1… The SI1 is a “True Hearts” (Hearts and Arrows diamond), and the color is colorless (F color) It will blow the other diamond out of the water. The beauty and sparkle and fire from that diamond is incredible.

So my recommendation is this:

SI1, E, True Hearts Diamonds (from James Allen).

(James Allen has the lowest diamond prices anywhere on the web).

SI1 True Hearts Diamonds

You’ll never regret buying the best cut, or the best color grades.

That I guarantee!

And if you truly want a VVS diamond, buy them. Enjoy them (I would). Just don’t skimp on the cut or color… For they really make a huge impact.

View VVS clarity diamonds HERE!

Cheers! :)

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Blue Nile

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