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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Why Should You Photograph Your Jewelry?

Remember your wedding photos?

Remember the close-up images of your hands together with your wedding rings?

What a great picture.

What a beautiful moment.

Too bad that’s probably the first and last time your jewelry is ever photographed.

This should not be the case.

All jewelry needs to be captured in detail with a camera. There’s no excuse.

And there are plenty of reasons why you should take a picture…

Let’s look at them:

Jewelry appraisals:

A good jewelry appraisal will have a highly detailed description of your ring or jewelry for insurance purposes.

A great jewelry appraisal will also include a photograph.

A picture really does speak 1000 words. Just looking at the image and reading the description is the best way to appraise, verify and identify your merchandise. Plus, a lot of insurance companies not only request it, but demand it.


If you ever get robbed or your house gets broken into, a picture could help. If your jewelry gets stolen, it could become hard to remember everything, traumatic, and become difficult to describe them in good enough detail. And we all know that the better the details, the higher the accuracy, the more likely it will be that they find your goods. Police can look at the photographs and quickly tell whether a suspect is in possession of them, or if they were sold at a pawn shop. Either way, a picture is the easiest way to hunt down and track your items.


If you lose your ring, you can create a flier and distribute it around town. A poster with the image of the item is priceless. It can help businesses, salespeople, clerks, workers, whoever, recall the piece. It can help ring a bell in their mind. Plus, they will now know what to keep a watchful eye out for.

A picture is extremely helpful when it comes to finding a piece of lost jewelry, not to mention making an owner’s claim on it.


If your articles get lost or stolen and you want to have them replaced, a picture can help in a heartbeat.

Jewelers can compare a photo of your piece to a similar item found in a catalog. They can compare all the details, the height, the width, the amount of stones, prongs, baskets… it just makes the whole process simple and easy. Finding a suitable substitute suddenly becomes a cinch.


If your ring gets damaged, burnt in a fire, run over by a car, train, or chewed up by a dog, a picture can help jewelers reassemble and repair it back to like-new condition.

They’ll be able to see how the mounting curves around, or how long the channels were, or how high the stones sit… It really can help when it comes to repairing a piece that’s been highly damaged. I’ve seen people get their ring smashed before in a car door, and a photo was used to recreate it perfectly.

Custom designs:

If jewelers can’t repair or replace your jewelry, they can always recreate it from the picture. They can custom design an item from scratch. Carve it out of wax, make a perfect new ring for you.

A picture freezes your jewelry in time. Pictures don’t lie.

One look at a photo can shed so much light upon the piece. It really makes a huge difference.


If you ever want to sell your goods, you’ll need a great picture to do the trick.

A good photo can peak interest, explain everything, and create desire in a potential customer.

Whether it be on eBay or Craigs List, or even in the local newspaper, a picture will make the reader see the piece in stunning clarity. It can be the difference between selling your jewelry or losing a bid.

So you see, you need to photograph your jewelry. There is no reason not to. Especially when you use a jewelry photo light tent. Take close-ups of your jewelry. All of it. Keep the pictures in a fireproof safe, just in case. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your jewelry.

You don’t want to wait until a picture could have saved the day.

Don’t wait.

Be prepared.

Grab a camera. Take some pictures.

Make your jewelry look awesome!!!

There’s plenty of reasons to do so…

But not one single reason not to.

Take your pictures today.

Cheers! :)

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