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Enhanced Fancy Yellow Diamonds Are Stunning


It’s typically not a great diamond color.

But the funny thing is, almost all of the diamonds found on Earth are either yellow or brown in hue.

Diamonds graded K-Z are yellow, from light to dark.

See the color chart below:

Yellow Diamond Color Chart

Even diamonds graded I-J have some slight tint to them (although they’re harder to detect). This is why diamonds G-H or higher (like these diamonds here) are more prefered diamond colors. All the rest can look old, dingy, stained, and antique. Not very desirable.

Fancy is a different story.

When diamonds go beyond Z on the color grading chart, they are called fancy color, or fancies.

These colors can be yellow (caused by trace elements of Nitrogen), brown, black, blue, green, pink, red, orange, purple, and gray.

And with fancies, yellows and browns are still the most common color hues.

Fancies are graded in different degrees of color, distribution, and strength.

Just like these fancy yellow diamonds here:

Yellow Fancy Genuine Diamonds

Fancies are rare and expensive…

Which is why most mainstream jewelers carry “enhanced” diamonds instead.

Color enhanced diamonds:

Enhanced diamonds are where man adds heat to the stones to intensify the colors (and even change the colors; like yellow into blue, or brown into green). The results are spectacular.

Check out these color enhanced diamonds below:

Stunning Enhanced Yellow Diamond Rings

Plus, they’re way cheaper than a fancy colored diamond.

Get all your yellow diamonds here:

So what’s your take on yellow diamonds?

Are you a fan? Do you own any yellow diamonds?

Let me know in the comments below.

Cheers! :)

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