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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Yellow Gold Jewelry Is Back In Style And HOT

It’s taken a while…

Roughly twenty years.

But yellow gold is back in demand, back in style, and HOTTER than ever!

Sure some people have never bought anything else (my mother), but many have made the switch from yellow gold to white gold over the last few decades and have worn nothing since.

But hold onto your hats…

Because yellow gold has made a comeback and jewelry stores across the country are crushing it.

What made yellow come back?

Rose gold! When the rose gold trend started a couple of years ago (brought on by LeVian), they introduced color back into jewelry (as well as colored diamonds). It made a subtle shift into lustrous rosy hues and fabulous colors of gemstones and diamonds.

Rose Gold Jewelry

(Rose Gold Jewelry HERE!)

So with all the lovely new designs making its way into earrings, pendants, rings, watches and more, it also made yellow gold more appealing.

It was a color change that no one expected.

But it picked up momentum and rolled. And then, with stackable jewelry taking off and becoming more widespread, it mixed all the colors of gold and tri-color was a HIT!

Tri Color Rose Yellow White Gold Jewelry
(Tri-Gold Jewelry HERE!)

This brought yellow back strong!

Just this Summer, jeweler’s catalogs were filled with yellow gold chains, bracelets, rings, earrings…

Jewelers like Helzberg and Kays were filling their showcases with gold and customers were loving it.

Yellow Gold Jewelry Is Back In Style

(Yellow Gold Jewelry HERE!)

As long as jewelers are able to make the styles fresh and modern (not looking like something from the 80’s), I think yellow gold will flourish.

So if you’re in the market for a new piece of jewelry, you now have a wide variety to choose from. Different colors, different metals, mix and match them to make your own fashion trend.

It’s my prediction that…

Yellow gold will be the hottest gift this Christmas.

Yellow Gold Jewelry Is Hot This Christmas

And you can find all your yellow gold here:

So get yourself some yellow and SHINE LIKE KING TUT!

Cheers! :)

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  1. Ha! I’ve been watching this myself, and loving every minute of it!! Especially in terms of the tri-color jewelry, they HAD to bring yellow in on it, because that’s the only way they could do it! Yellow gold – your mother’s favorite, AND mine (I’m surely old enough to be your mother myself!) was the ONLY thing you could reasonably expect to find in any jeweler’s cases in the mid-1970’s because, well, just because! Unless you wanted platinum, which was very expensive then – relative to gold at the time, MUCH more expensive than any karatage of gold at that point – and quite difficult to buy, especially in the “chain” stores, or the Mall jewelers of the day, considering that Malls were very new and exciting, and drew MUCH of the business away from the traditional downtowns and open shopping centers. If a store was to survive, it simply must move to the nearest mall!

    Anyway, shopping for an engagement ring in the mid 70’s (late 1975, just before Christmas) was a very different experience than it is today. Diamonds in general were much smaller, as a 1/4ct stone, even a solitaire, was perfectly acceptable as an engagement ring, even if you weren’t living on the lowest rung of the economic ladder. A 1/3 to a 1/2 ct stone was quite adequate for most girls, and even if you were from a well-to-do family, and so was your fiancé, anything approaching a full 1 carat stone could easily be seen and interpreted as “putting on the dog” as my grandmother used to call it! ONLY if you were at home to shopping at the “high priced stores” would you purchase the diamond loose, unset, unmounted, and even know why that was possibly best. Besides, most people weren’t trained in the jeweler’s arts, or knew anything about how to look at it to judge the quality of an unset stone. There was no GIA as far as I can recall, or at least the standardized “4 C’s”, so any information about the cut, clarity, color, or even the carat weight had to come from the seller. And even then, the terminology surrounding diamonds was vague, not a standardized, and basically anything the vendor decided it was. Even getting a written appraisal back then was still vague enough to be more confusing than helpful.

    SO, the point of all this, is that the predominance of diamond and wedding and engagement jewelry, was all in yellow gold, and it all came “pre-made” or pre-set with all the diamonds in it. Because yellow WAS gold, and gold WAS yellow! White gold could be had, of course, and it was out there, but 9 times out of 10, it was the yellow gold and the other, the white gold, rhodium plated, especially in the more expensive pieces, it had to be special ordered. Unless it was something like the average run of “Holiday Specials,” like the usual average quality (In home building, it’s the “contractor’s grade” of features and appliances) of round solitaire engagement rings, made up en masse, for the Christmas engagement season, then they had both colors of gold – yellow and white – to satisfy all the quick shoppers and the couples who went shopping together (still rare) for an engagement ring to wear out of the store! Having both saved time, and money, and helped guarantee they would not lose their customers to another store who did have that side of the business already sealed up! They could, and did, have “twins” on display in their windows, both yellow and white, side by side, to satisfy everyone’s tastes immediately. Looks from the simple 4 or 6 prong Tiffany style solitaires, in different stone sizes from the 1/10 or 1/4ct sizes in yellow and in white gold too; “stairstepped” up to the Granddaddy of them at the full 1 carat solitaire. You then knew that whatever your desire, you would likely find it there! And, being the “rebel” that I was at the time, I wanted white gold, and I wanted a 1/4 carat solitaire. No bigger, no smaller, and not in “common” yellow gold either! And there they were, in white gold, and just the right stone size. And, they did have the right finger size still in stock, since this was the first part of November, and the Christmas rush hadn’t yet gone to full bore fire yet – and I needed just a little bigger than a 5. I had very long, very slender fingers, and a 5-1/4 was a perfect fit. In white gold. In fact they only had 2 of them in that size left in white gold already, so I was glad to get one of them, and we actually did walk out of the store with it on my finger that afternoon.

    Plenty of others were shopping for “gold” or what was just natural yellow gold, in engagement rings, wedding bands, and sets. Plus other Christmas gift items they had on and for sale.

    A little later, I began running into classmates from high school and some co-workers from other jobs, who were either engaged or just married, and thèy were all wearing yellow gold rings. My white gold ring was quite an “oddity” comparatively speaking, but not unattractive – just different! I didn’t mind at all. But, several years later comes the fad for everything in white metals, and I was right in fashion! But, wouldn’t you know it, I had already started switching my jewelry from white back to the original yellow gold again!

    That’s the irony, but this time, I’m prepared! I have all KINDS of jewelry, in both white AND yellow gold! Especially in all my rings, which I particularly enjoy. That’s the beauty of this whole business – to be able to do whatever, however, and whenever you want to! Cheers to lustrous yellow gold!!

    • Shari… I LOVE THIS! You’re such a great story teller and it felt wonderful hearing about your engagement ring shopping experiences and what you decided on. I too have a mixed bag of both yellow and white now… Still no rose gold though. Hmmm…. -Richard

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