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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

You Cant Tell The Difference Between 10k And 14k Gold

10k or 14k?

Can you tell the difference?

Chances are, if you laid 2 gold chains down side by side, the average person (without looking at the stamp) would never be able to tell if the chain was 10k gold or 14k gold.

It’s true!

Look at these two chains below and see if you can really tell the difference?

Which chain is 10k gold and which chain is 14k gold

Now a jeweler or experienced person could probably see a slight difference at a glance, and you may as well… But it is slight!

The top left chain is 10k gold. It’s just a bit less yellow than the other (which isn’t always the case. Gold can vary in hue and color depending on the manufacturing process of that chain).

14k gold has 4 parts more gold than 10k, making it more yellow in tone.

But it is such a slight difference that most people would never notice (nor care).

So why is 14k gold more popular?

Because it has more gold content. People like gold. The richer the better. 14k is a wonderful combination that is lustrous, durable, and highly malleable. Jewelers love working with it!

10k gold on the other hand has more alloy content making it harder to manipulate and is more pale in color.

See the chart below…

10k gold vs 14k gold content

The more gold content you have, the more yellow that gold will look. Which is why 24k gold (pure gold), is very, very yellow… not to mention softer (which is why alloys are added to gold to make it more durable for jewelry)!

So 14k has more gold, more yellow, and more value (Making it more expensive)!

And what’s so great about 10k gold?

  • It’s hard to tell the difference between 14k
  • It’s more durable than 14k because it has more alloy
  • It’s way cheaper than 14k gold
  • It’s actually more practical for men to wear (who are tough on their jewelry)

Compare the prices below:

Compare Prices Between 10k Gold And 14k Gold

So there’s not a huge difference in looks, but 10k excels in durability and price.

So if you want to save money buy 10k gold!

But if your body has allergies or reactions to nickel (which is more apparent in 10k), then switch to 14k gold. Most people have no issues with that mixture.

Get your gold chains here:

My Recommendation:

Links (Figaro, Curb, Mariner, Cable, Rolo, Gucci, Wheat) as well as Rope chains are always great choices of chain to buy because they’re more durable and won’t kink like snake chains or herringbone chains.

And if you can, stay away from “plated” chains or “gold filled” chains. Make sure you buy “solid” chains (real gold, not “hollow“), if you want your chain to last.

For a good gold chain can last you a lifetime.

That’s the great thing about gold…

It’s worth every penny!

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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