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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

You Must Ask About Diamond Quality

Why Why Why?

They Always Say:

If you Don’t Ask, You Don’t Know!

And it’s Sooo TRUE!

Now I understand there are some things that we simply Do NOT Want to Know, like the Actual Calorie Count in the Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries (2140)…

But other things like “Why is this Diamond $2,000 Cheaper than this Diamond?” are things that you really should know.

Sadly, you’ll probably never really know

Unless you Ask!

For Sales People in General, will only give you as much Info as you Request. Which means, if they tell you: “This Diamond has K Color and a Clarity of SI2“, you’ll never Quite Understand what that means Exactly Unless You Ask.

Is K Good?

What about SI2?

They’re not going to offer up an entire Lecture like: “K Color is a Lower Diamond Color than you Normally find on the Market, and it will often look a little Yellow in Hue! Here, let me Show you…


But, they will probably say “This Diamond is a Steal for the Price, $2,495 is CHEAP for a One Carat Diamond!” (TRUE TRUE)

They’ll Push Price!

Push SIZE!

And Hope you’ll say “YES!

Because most Customers only care about Price anyway. If the Diamond looks fine, what’s the Big Deal?


With Diamonds, it’s Foolish to think this way. There could be a $6,000 Difference in Price (or more) between two One Carat Diamonds. And it’s all due to QUALITY!

The Stone could be Chipped, Cracked, have Huge Fractures, Black Spots or Look Cloudy in Natural Light

It’s not only about the 4C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.

But other things too such as: Certification, Fluorescence, Polish, Symmetry and Shape all play a Crucial Role in Price as well.

So to truly know what the Diamond that you’re Buying is, YOU MUST ASK QUESTIONS!

Questions Like:

What is K Color, and is it Good or Bad?

Is SI2 a Good Clarity to Own, and WHY?

Does this Diamond Glow in the Dark?

Tell me about the Cut…

Can we Compare Diamonds?

Ask Questions!

Then, go to another Jewelry Store and LEARN MORE!

If you Shop and Compare all over town, you’ll Learn so much.

That’s when you’ll really start to see what a Good Diamond Quality is. What to look for. What to Shy away from.

You’ll learn if Bowties are Good, and what Shape of Diamond is the Cheapest. You’ll see the Difference in Cut Grades and View Inclusions under a Scope

But to really get the most from this Experience, YOU MUST ASK QUESTIONS!

Learn WHY?

Compare Stones!

It will open your eyes to a Whole New World. Diamonds are Fascinating and Complex and No Two Are Ever Alike.

Dive in, take Control, Ask the Salesperson to put Two Opposite Qualities Side by Side so you can see them.

Ask about Certification, “What is the BEST Diamond Report to Own?

Ask about Inscription, Plots, Symmetry

Don’t go into a Diamond Purchase Blindly!

Especially if it’s for an Expensive Engagement Ring!

Ask Questions

See why it matters to YOU. Because a Well Informed Customer is one who does their Homework First, and Asks Many Questions Later.

After all, it is your Money, your Time, and your Life!

Question Everything!

You’ll be Much Happier in the end.

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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Blue Nile

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