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Your Anniversary Ring Goes on Which Finger?

Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations on getting a Lovely Diamond Anniversary Ring as a Present.

Now the Big Question is:

Where do you Wear it?

What Finger does an Anniversary Band go on?

Let’s find out…

It all depends on a couple of Key Elements

  1. What type of Anniversary Ring you have
  2. What your other Rings look like

Those 2 Factors will help Decide the Correct Finger for that Anniversary Ring.

The Ring Finger

First off, I usually Recommend the Anniversary Ring to be Worn on the Same Finger as your Wedding Ring & Engagement Ring (That’s Tradition!).

But that’s where the Fun Begins!

If you bought a Channel-Set Anniversary Ring (Like the one in the Photo), then you’re in Luck. Most Channel-Set Anniversary Bands will Fit Flush up against your Wedding Set and will look Awesome!

That is, as long as you have a Flat Side for the Band to Fit Flush against.

If you have a Solitaire Engagement Ring and a Channel Set Diamond Wedding Band, like those in the Photo, you’ll have No Problems. These are the Best Types of Rings to add onto.

Make it Match

Most people that have Rings like these will Buy an Anniversary Ring that matches their Wedding Ring and Wear it on the other side of their Engagement Ring.

This is, in my Opinion, the Perfect Look!

But, if your Wedding Set has Uneven Sides or Pieces that stick out, or if it makes your Rings too Wide to Wear all Together on one Finger, then you have to do something Different.

Wearing a Band against your Wedding Set that Leaves Gaps between them is Not a Pretty Sight!

Prongs or Channels?

Likewise, if the Anniversary Band you Bought is NOT a Channel-Set Diamond Ring, then you’ll have Problems as well.

A lot of Anniversary Rings have Raised Prongs, Uneven Sides and even really Wide Mountings (Marquise Shaped Anniversary Rings are Known for this!) Those don’t work so well.

So what do you do then?


You Wear it on your other Hand.

(That’s the Right Hand)

If it doesn’t Fit Flush or look good against your Wedding Rings, then Move it to the Opposite Hand.

Usually the Best Finger for an Anniversary Ring is the Ring Finger (Finger Next to the Pinky). That way, it will Stand out, look Nice, be Protected, and won’t take away from the Beauty of your Wedding Rings.

Order is Important!

Do keep in mind, that if you Wear all 3 Rings together on one Finger, Order is Important!

The Proper Order of Rings is this: Wedding Band goes on First, that Sits Closest to the Heart. Then comes the Engagement Ring in the Middle. Then the Anniversary Ring goes on LAST, which is the Outside of the Finger.

And once again…

Happy Anniversary!


Here’s to Plenty more Years!

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