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Certified Diamond Fraud Scam

Picture This:

You’re Buying a Diamond Online.

You Read the Description and see that the Diamond is an SI1, E (just using this as an Example).

It says the Cut of the Diamond is “Very Good“, and that the Diamond is Certified!

Well then, that Settles it.


Certified means that it’s Official, Accurate, and Honest!

People See and Hear the word “Certificate” (Especially GIA Certificate) and think that Everything is on the Up and Up (Deep Sigh of Relief).

The Quality is Guaranteed. The Diamond is Real. You Aren’t Getting Ripped Off


Sadly, People get Scammed Everyday with this “CertificateTrick!

As in this Very Real Scary Situation Here:

Mark emails me about a Diamond Engagement Ring that was being Sold on Gumtree.com

See the Screenshot Below of the Ring in Question:

Certified Diamond Engagement Ring Scam

All the Photos of this Ring were Really, Really Bad

Certified Diamond Fraud Engagement Ring

The Description Sounded Alright (even though it said “Emerald Cut” and it was clearly a “Princess Cut“… Could be an Honest Mistake…). Plus it did say that there were “DIAMOND REPORTS” (Shown by Request).

So what’s So Wrong with this Ring?


This Seller is a Scam Artist, Fraud and Liar! For if you Scroll down, you’ll see that she’s listing TWO Diamond Rings

Diamond Scammers Listings

So I check out the Second Ring being Sold…

Diamond Ring Scam

And the Closeups were just as Bad and Blurry

Certified Diamond Fraud Ring

What’s Funny is the Fact that the Descriptions for these Rings are Nearly IDENTICAL!

(If that isn’t a HUGE Red Flag)

So Mark sends her an Email Asking to See the Certificate.

This is the Report he got back:

Certificate Used For Diamond Scam

Obviously, this is NOT a Real Certificate issued by GIA. It’s not even Close!

It’s a Cropped Example Image, and not only is it an Example…


They Stole this Image from my Website Post Here about Comparing Diamond Prices Online!

You’ll see that they Altered the Info. Added in a Date and a Value (Which GIA Never EVER Does!)

Plus, some of the words “Diamond Grading Report” are even Erased.



They even went so far as to Leave my Copyright Info at the bottom of the Image (Which is how Mark Found me).

Plus, the Description says the Ring is Certified, but this Fake Certificate is only for the Center Stone (Didn’t she say she had REPORTS?).

So the RING is NOT Certified!

Would this really FOOL Anyone?

I Hope Not!

Mark Confronted the Seller, and this is the Exact Dialog that took place:

Diamond Scammer Emails

And YES, that is her Real Email. I thought twice about actually including it, but if you’re going to try to Scam People with a Diamond Ring that isn’t Certified, then you really should Pay the Penalty.

As you see, GIA FOLEY (I’m sure that isn’t her Real Name) got really Nasty and Mean with Mark and told him to F Off!

Gumtree even shows you where GIA FOLEY Lives (just so you can stay away from her)…

Where The Diamond Fraud Scammer Lives

This Really Happened!

(Next time she should Remove my Copyright so I don’t get Involved!)

Luckily Gumtree took care of the Situation Quickly and Removed this User and all her Listings.

But that Won’t Stop her from Trying again. After all, it only takes a Minute to Sign up with a Different Email Address.

These Same Exact Rings are probably listed somewhere right NOW

Buyer Beware!

It’s a Warning to us all… Scammers Exist Everywhere!

There are Tons of Unscrupulous People in the World all looking for a Sucker to Buy their Low Quality (Not Certified) Piece of Crap!

So even though a Listing or Auction says “Certified“;

It May Not Mean Squat!

When Buying Diamonds Online, or even in a Jewelry Store, it’s Important to know what a Real Diamond Report looks like.

The only TWO Diamond Reports that I Recommend are GIA and AGS.

Nothing ELSE!

There are Many Different Versions of these Diamond Reports over the years too, so it’s Wise to become Familiar with them.

This is what GIA Diamond Reports Look Like:

Genuine GIA Diamond Grading Reports

Here is a GIA Diamond Report Close up:

Genuine GIA Diamond Report Certificate

And this is what AGS Diamond Reports Look Like:

Genuine AGS Diamond Reports

These are Real Reports for Real Diamonds. If you’re ever Questioning a Certificate or a Diamond, Check out GIA’s Report Checker and see what Information they have in their Database.

The Facts don’t LIE!

So Don’t Buy a Certified Diamond if you can’t see the Real Stone with the Real Report.

Where Should You Buy?

A Great Company that Sells Genuine Certified Stones is James Allen. James Allen Shows you the Real Diamonds (Not Sample Stock Photos), Magnified at 10x Power (What Diamonds are Graded with), in a Virtual World where you can Spin the Diamond around and View it from all Angles. Plus, they Allow you to View the Actual Diamond Report that goes with that Stone. You get to see Exactly what you’re Buying

As this Diamond Shown Here…

Genuine Certified Loose Diamond

Now that’s Impressive!

This is why I LOVE James Allen so much. They have Excellent Diamonds (Check Out My Favorite Diamond Quality HERE), Excellent Warranties, a Full Money Back Guarantee, and their Prices are the Best Prices around (Compare them to any Jewelry Store and you’ll see).

Shopping for Diamonds can be Exciting

No Doubt about that.

But you have to be Careful, especially with Auction Sites and Craigs List. You don’t know what you’re getting.

Buy Certified!

But be Smart about it!

Buy from Credible Sources so you get a Real Diamond Report from a Real Diamond Grading Company (Like GIA or AGS).

Anything Else is a Joke!

And that’s No Laughing Matter!

Buy your Loose Certified Diamonds HERE!

Cheers! :)

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  1. shelli Teebrook // August 2, 2020 at 3:50 am // Reply

    OMG this is still happening i was recently fleeced for 13500.00 yep you are reading correctly for a GIA certified piece of glass. I even went on the GIA website and the certificate was verified. so please be careful. I will never again buy a diamond sight unseen. As soon as I opened my package I knew it was not a diamond and I had been scammed and when I contacted the seller he claimed that I was the one trying to scam him really !! how on earth would I get a piece of glass to match the cert in less that 4 hours of receiving to try and get a refund. now I don’t know whether to return the glass to him and hope he gives me a refund or go to the police and never get a refund. He is still claiming it is real but is very keen to get it back and I guess it is my evidence.So not really knowing what to do atm. And not really sure how to handle the situation.

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