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Marquise Diamond Chipped?

A Reader Writes in and Asks Me a



Can a Diamond Chip off a Top Layer?

My Prong is Fine and that Side of the Ring is Smooth, so I can’t tell if it’s Chipped off a Layer. Can the Sides of a Marquise Diamond be Uneven? How can you really tell when your Diamond is Cracked? I’ve taken my Ring to a Jeweler, and they said it was an Inclusion.

Plus I recently Dropped my Ring on a Hard Tile Floor. Can it get a Crack from Impact? I’m really Obsessed with this Situation. I haven’t Slept in 2 weeks Worrying about my Ring. Can you Help me?


Hi Vangie.

Is there a way you can take Pictures of your Ring so I can see the Diamond Better? It’s Quite Possible to Fracture the Diamond, but usually a Fracture would Dramatically Change the Appearance of the Diamond.

If the Jewelers are saying it’s an Inclusion, it probably is. Generally just Dropping a Ring wouldn’t Fracture the Diamond either. It usually takes a Harder Blow at just the Right Angle to Break it.

As for the Layers Chipping off, yes Diamonds can Chip off Layers, but those Layers will not be Smooth or Polished. Chipped Diamonds will Show Rough, Raw Fractured Spots and there would be No Question whether the Diamond was Chipped or Not.

If the Prongs look Fine and the Edges of your Diamond are Smooth, then I would say that your Ring and Diamond is Fine. A Picture would Reinforce that, but from the sounds of it, I would tend to Agree with the Jeweler.


I took my Ring to another Store and they said it was an Inclusion. They said one of the Prongs wasn’t Touching the Diamond. I need to have the Tip Redone or something.


Hi Vangie.

It’s good that another Store Confirmed that it was an Inclusion instead of a Crack. And as far as the Prong goes, yes Definitely have that taken care of a.s.a.p. Bad Prongs or Lifted Prongs can cause Harm to your Diamond and Ring.

Thanks again!

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