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Ask me any Questions you have regarding Diamonds, Rings, Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight or The 4 C's... I'll do my Best to Answer them and post them in the Questions Section Here!

Example Questions:

Alicia: I accidentally dropped my .36 ct, D, VS1, Princess Diamond Engagement Ring on the tile floor. I checked the ring through the small lens (those jewel shops use to check on Diamonds), I see no cracks from the side, but some feather like scratches, is it normal? Does that mean my Diamond is not cracked?

Mike: I have found a 1.65 ct, SI1, D, Excellent Polish, Excellent Symmetry, Excellent Cut Diamond, but it is IGI Certified and the price seems too good to be true. Should I get it appraised by GIA before I buy it?

John: Hi! This is John. I have 2 Diamonds that I like but can’t decide. First one is 1.30 ct. Color: E, Clarity: VS2, Cut: Excellent. Second one is 1.70 ct. Color: F, Clarity: SI1, Cut: Good. Both have GIA Certification, and the price is at same range.

Patricia: What does this mean: "diamonds are F-H in color, SI in clarity"?

Liz: My Diamond is chipped on the side, will the chip get worse?

Excellent Questions... And YES, they all got answers! Now, what about your Question? I'll do my best to help and guide you. In other words, I'll put my 23 years worth of Diamond Knowledge and Certification to the test. :)

Send in a Picture

You can also attach a picture of your Rings, Diamonds or Certificate if you like just to make things easier for me to see and understand. Now you don't need a photo to ask a question, but if you do send a photo, it must be your own photo that you took with your own camera (the better the picture the better I can help you), and it also becomes property of Jewelry-Secrets.com so I can use it on this website as teaching material.

Answers MAY be posted!

Answers to Questions asked may be posted on this website to help others learn as well. If it helps you, it should help others.

Thanks for writing in! :) -Richard Scott

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