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diamond laser inscription viewer magnifier

“It’s Engraved?”

Many, many Loose Certified Diamonds sold on the market are Inscribed!

Which means, there’s Numbers, Letters, or even Words Engraved or Etched on the side of the Diamond.

Laser Inscriptions get Laser Etched onto the Girdle of the Stone, which is the Flat Belt that runs all the way around the Diamond (see image).

This is where you’ll see the Laser Inscription, like GIA 123456789.

Viewing this, allows you to Identify your Stone and Prevent yourself from getting Ripped off, or having your Diamond Switched

But often, it goes even deeper…

Because you can actually have Custom Engraving, as in your own Initials, Words, Phrases Etched there. Like: I Love You, T&R, 6-1-1996

And having an Etched Diamond like this is Romantic, Sweet, Smart, Sentimental… But not very Practical, because it’s so small on your Diamond, that no one will ever see it. You’ll need a Microscope or a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe to view it. Which again, isn’t very practical (very few people know how to use a loupe, and Microscopes are Silly to have to lug around).

So your BEST Option…

Buy yourself a Diamond Inscription Viewer!

Just like they use in the Jewelry Stores. A small device that’s already set up. All you have to do is slide your Engagement Ring into the slot and peer through the eye viewer. VOILA! You’ll see your Inscription, Numbers, Letters, Phrase, just like that! These viewers are IDEAL for viewing Inscriptions for one very BIG reason…

The Magnification!

They are 20x (Twenty Times Enlarged), versus a normal 10x (like Loupes use). This is almost always needed for customers to view those tiny letters. 20x WORKS WONDERS!

Plus, you can then show off your “I Heart Ewe” Message to all your Friends and Family

And… When you Propose and give her the ring, you can show her your special message right there on the beach as well.

Now that’s COOL!

It really is Perfect, and it’s exactly what the Pros use. Plus… It fits in your purse easily! :)

Take a peek at these Diamond Inscription Viewers below…

“Now I See IT!”

Just make sure your Diamond is CLEAN (Buy yourself an Ultrasonic Cleaner), and make sure you have the Stone in the right position (turned so the Inscription is facing the viewer), otherwise, you’ll never locate it! :)

Get your Diamond Inscription Viewers HERE!

Cheers! :)

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