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diamonds 101 a guide to buying diamonds

Buying Diamonds?

Are you looking to purchase a diamond, as in THE RING?

Well, then this book, might be the perfect solution to your inquiries…

For it’s titled: Diamonds 101: A Diamond Buying Guide. And that’s exactly what it does

It teaches you what it takes to buy diamonds, buy diamond jewelry, and at the right price!

It also says “Do you know the tricks that unscrupulous sales people will use to overcharge you?

Well… Do you?

I didn’t know that salespeople actually overcharge clients, but maybe the jewelry stores DO!

At least some of them…

With this diamond guide book, you’ll see how to judge true value, for the author (accredited by the Gemological Institute of America with two decades of experience in buying and selling diamonds) will teach you insider secrets on everything you need to know about buying diamonds.

That’s a lot of know-how!

diamonds 101

The Table of Contents Reads:

  • Introduction
  • Diamomnds 101:
    • A Brief History
      What Are Diamonds?
      From The Mines To Your Engagement Ring
  • Anatomy Of A Diamond
      The Table
      The Crown
      The Girdle
      The Pavilion
      The Culet
  • Light Performance And Cut
      Let There Be Light
      The Dimensions Of A Diamond
  • The Six Cs Of Buying Diamonds
      Making The Cut
      Types Of Cut Techniques
      The Details In The Cut Grade
        Very Good
  • Diamond Shapes
      The Difference Between A Diamond’s Cut And It’s Shape
      The Shape Of Diamonds To Come
        Asscher Cut Diamonds
        Cushion Cut Diamonds
        Emerald Cut Diamonds
        Heart Cut Diamonds
  • The Color Of Diamonds
      The D-Z Color Guide
      Creating Optical Illusions
      Fancy Colored Diamonds
      Color Treatments
  • Clarity
      As Clear As A Diamond
        Under The Jeweler’s Loupe
      Diamond Clarity Grades
      Clarity Enhanced Diamonds
        Fracture Filling
        Laser Drilling
      To Enhance Or Not To Enhance?
  • Carats, Not Carrots!
      Ahh, Carats!
      How Carats Affect Your Wallet
      The ‘Carat Conundrum’
  • Cost
      Your Total Will Be…
        Reading The Rap List
        Saving Towards Your Dream Diamond
      Online Or In-Store
  • Confidence & Confidence – Prove It!
      Why Are Certificates So Important?
      Diamond Quality Reports
        Gemological Institute Of America (GIA)
        American Gem Society (AGS)
        European Gemological Society (EGL USA)
        Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD)
        International Gemological Institute (IGI)
  • What To Expect When You’re Expecting Diamonds
      Avoid The Traps
      Diamond Buying Faux Pas
      Scammers & Scallywags
  • Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones
      How To Buy Diamonds For Women
        Know Her Personality
        Look Through Her Jewelry Box
        Go Shopping With Her
        Stick To The Originals
        Listen To Your Love
        Make It A Surprise
      How To Buy Diamonds For Men
        Know Your Man
        Go Shopping With Him
        His Jewelry Box
        Watch His Dream Car
        Do A little Data Mining
        He Likes Surprises Too
  • I’ve Got My Diamond, Now What?
      Are You Insured?
      Diamond Care Tips
  • The Laboratory Of Victor Frankenstein
      Synthetic Diamonds
        What Are Synthetic Diamonds?
        How Are Synthetics Made?
        What To Look For In Your Cultured Diamond
        The Benefits Of Cultured Diamonds
  • Simulated Diamonds
      What Are Diamond Simulants?
        Simulants Vs. Synthetics
        What’s The Difference?
      How To Spot A Simulated Diamond From A Mile Away
      Synthetic, Simulated, Or Au Natural:
        Which Do You Prefer?
  • Conclusion: A Lesson Well Learned

This book is packed full of content, entirely interesting, and hitting on all the IMPORTANT HOT SPOTS! PLUS

If you own a Kindle, it’s FREE!

You can’t beat that!
Grab this Diamonds 101 Buying Guide HERE!

Or see more diamond buying books here! (Including my own How to Buy an Engagement Ring Book)

Cheers! :)

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