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Should you Give your Fiancee the Engagement Ring Appraisal?

Guys always Ponder this one.

Do you Give your Fiancee the Diamond Appraisal when you give her the Engagement Ring?

“Here’s your Appraisal Honey!”

My First Instinct would be to Ask why?

Why Does She Need it?

Is she Asking for it?

For What Reason?

Or are you just Wondering if she needs the Paperwork?

Lots of Paperwork

Chances are, you have a lot of that Paperwork: Receipts, Warranties, Guarantees, Extended Service Plans, Diamond Certificates and of course, the Jewelry Appraisal!

Most Engagement Rings will come with an Envelope Full. That’s if it’s offered and if the Jeweler is doing their Job!

So this is my Thinking… If you Bought her a Beautiful Ring, then it shouldn’t bother you in the least Showing her the Appraisal (Only a Cheapo would want to Hide it!)

But no matter, the Appraisal doesn’t List the Sales Price anyway. The Appraisal only lists the Full Retail Value of the Ring.

Which is good, she won’t know how much you really Spent for it!

Show it Later

If it were me, I would show it to her later. That Night, The Next Night… a Week later…

She’ll be Excited to See it and Learn all about her Pride and Joy. She may have Tons of Questions about it.

She’ll definitely want to know if it’s a One Carat!

That’s always High on the List. She’ll want to know its Color and Clarity and all the other Good Details (Her Friends will want to know also!).

This can be Educational for her, and you may have some Fun Teaching her in the Process. It’ll make you look like you did your Homework. You can be her Diamond Guru! (Unless you bought her a Really Bad Diamond with Poor Color and Clarity. Then Forget it! The Wedding’s Off!)

Diamond Certificate

She should see the Jewelry Appraisal, and she should also get the Diamond Certificate as well. That’s a very Important Piece of Laminate (More Important than an Appraisal) that lists all the Technical Aspects of the Diamond like Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. (Read all about GIA Certified Diamonds!)

The Jewelry Appraisal should list all these Diamond Attributes as well. And in fact, most Appraisals will attach a Copy of the Diamond Certificate to the Report for you. That way, you can just turn in a Copy of it to your Insurance Company, and Get it Insured! (Which is a Must! Don’t Neglect this!)

Keep the Originals

Keep the Original Paperwork, Appraisals, Certificates, Warranties, Receipts, locked up in a Fireproof Safe.

If something happens to her Ring, you’re going to want to know Exactly where all the info is.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to Show her the Receipt (not yet at least), but if it’s Tucked away with the Rest of the Paperwork, chances are good she’ll see it (Sneak it!). So Hopefully you Spent Enough to keep her Happy. Seeing a $150 Price Tag may not go over well!

A Normal Recommendation is 2 Months Salary (Read: Why spend 2 Months Salary?)

Understanding Quality

Showing her the Appraisal and Certificate is Important. She needs to Understand the Quality of her Diamond. She needs to be able to Spot her Diamond’s Characteristics or Inscription under a Jeweler’s Loupe. That way, when she picks up her Diamond Ring from Cleaning, Repair, or Sizing, she can tell if her Diamonds been Switched!

So Knowledge is Good!

And the Paperwork gives her that!

A $6,000 Ring will make her Happy for the Rest of her Life. A $600 Ring may NOT!

Just think about this when you go out to Buy her a Ring…

She WILL see the Paperwork someday.

She will find out the Quality.

She will see the Price!

Cheers! :)

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